Guided Tour for Navigating our Website

Creating an Account

Create an account to find out which stores work with your insurance company, see your insurance vs. cash prices, and access a large product selection for a variety of medical conditions.

1. Sign up here, or by clicking the orange “SIGN UP FREE” button on the top right corner.

2. Fill in your details. Your password must be 8 characters or more and include at least one lowercase letter, capital letter, and number.

3. You should see a success page once you press “Create my Account.”

Click “My Account” under the drop down menu at the top right corner to access your account settings, health insurance documents, product orders, insurance claims, and more.

Submitting Insurance Information

Put in your Insurance information to compare insurance and cash prices for all products and to unlock access to your medical dashboard complete with your real-time deductible, co-insurance rates, and more.

1. Sign up here, or by clicking the orange “SIGN UP FREE” button on the top right corner.

2. Go to “My Account” in the drop down menu with your name on it (top right corner of our homepage).

3. You will see a sidebar on the far left with your account settings and options. Click the “Health Insurance” tab.

4. Fill in your Health Insurance information, the click the “Save” button. Now you can use your insurance to shop!

Using Your Insurance to Shop

After submitting your insurance information, prices of products will adjust in real-time and you can save money by easily comparing insurance prices with out-of-pocket prices.

After signing in to your account, click the “My Insurance” button on our homepage. Here, in REAL-TIME, you can view your in-network and out-of-network insurance coverage details including, deductibles, co-insurance rates, and more for both you and your family. These are the variables that affect the prices of the products you buy.

1. Make sure you’re signed into your account, then go shopping for any product in our diverse product catalog!

2. Once you find the product you want and click on that product page, you will immediately be able to compare that product’s insurance price and cash price, in real-time. Choose the pricing option you prefer, and add the product to cart!

Insurance Documentation

You will need to submit certain medical documents such as prescriptions and/or a doctor’s note when purchasing certain products. You can provide them to Health Sqyre yourself, or we can do it for you (for FREE!).

1. If you’re signed into your account, you will see a list of ‘Documentation Requirements” for certain product pages. This is because some products require things like prescription notes, doctor’s notes, sleep tests, etc. in order to purchase.

After signing in and going to “My Account”, click “Health Documents” on the left sidebar. Here, you can upload or sign the necessary documents required to purchase a product.

1. After signing in and going to “My Account”, click on “Doctors.” Here, you can request for Health Sqyre to obtain the necessary documents from your doctor, free of charge, by clicking “Yes, contact my doctor(s).”

2. You can find your doctor by clicking the blue ‘add doctor’ button, then searching for your doctor’s name.

If you placed an insurance order, we will submit the claims for you, automatically.
If you placed a cash order, send an email to asking to submit a claim, and we’ll do it for you. Remember to provide your order number!

Need Help?

There are several ways you can get in touch with us if you have any problems or questions.

Click the green “Chat” button on the bottom right corner of Health Sqyre to get live chat support 8 – 6pm on weekdays.

You can find our frequently asked questions in the footer of any of our website pages. Check to see if your question has already been answered here!

Go to our Health Sqyre Blog (in the top right corner) for some great resources – we have blogs about traveling or camping with your CPAP, insurances vs. cash options, sleep apnea symptoms, and more!

Go to our Help Center to get information related to your account, shipping and returns, orders, payment, security, and more.


You can do this in two ways:


1. Send us a message using the green “Get Help” button on the button right corner, outside of our live chat hours (6 – 8pm on weekdays)

2. Send us a message using the Help Center by clicking “submit a request” in the top right corner of the help center.

Email us directly at

Other Useful Navigations

Here are a collection of some other actions you may want to take or pages you may want to visit.

The CPAP Prescription Package provides you a way to get a renewed prescription for CPAP therapy quickly – the same day in some cases – from a U.S. board-certified, licensed physician.


You can find our prescription services the same way you would find any other product. Either type the keyword ‘prescription’ into the search bar, or navigate to it using the “CPAP” drop down menu:

To access our product reviews, go to “Sqyre Blog” > “Product Reviews” in the header menubar.

To access our customer testimonials, go to “How it works” > “Reviews” in our header menubar.

1. After signing in and going to “My Account”, Look for “Orders” in the far left sidebar.

2. Here, you can view your orders and track it by pressing “Track Your Order”.

To access our customer case studies, go to “How it works” > “Case Studies” in the header menu bar. Here, you can read about customers on different plans and scenarios, and about their experiences using our services.

To read our Ultimate Guides, go to “Sqyre Blog” > “Ultimate Guides” in the header menu bar. We have comprehensive guidebooks on all aspects of CPAP therapy, all accessible to you FREE of charge.

To check out our quizzes, go to “Sqyre Blog” > “Quizzes” in the header menu bar. We have quizzes to help you find out whether you have sleep apnea, discover the perfect CPAP mask/machine for you, and more.