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The Patient

The Health Sqyre Story

Can I use my insurance?  What does my insurance cover?  What sellers work with my insurance?  What is the insurance price?  Etc…


Do these questions sound familiar?

We grew tired of watching patients helplessly struggle to buy the medical supplies that they need.  Patients currently spend hours on the phone or in a store just to get answers to their questions for products that they medically need and typically still don’t even get up front answers let alone a transparent price!  Well, the Health Sqyre team has a problem with that and created a company that solves these problems and provides the patient with transparency, choice, and convenience.


Our team is based in Denver, Colorado and has vast experience in the durable medical equipment industry and has a strong background in ecommerce and software technology.  Our exceptionally talented team has been assembled to create a company that is committed to you, the patient.


In medieval times a “squire” was defined as a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.  Today we’ve redefined Sqyre as an attendant who is committed to you, the patient, and strives to provide healthcare services and products that are simple, transparent, and convenient to purchase.

“It’s time to give the patient transparency, choice, and convenience.”

Andrew Schremp
Founder / CEO

Our Team

About Us - Andrew Schremp - Health Sqyre

Andrew Schremp

Founder / CEO

Andrew has in-depth experience in the DME industry and has worked with patients of all kinds in order to truly address their needs.


Patrick Russell

Engineer / Data Scientist

Patrick has extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and data/marketing analytics having success at ServiceMagic and Craftsy.


Rachel Hiemstra

Project Manager / Operations

Rachel has vast experience building digital consumer-facing companies with a deep understanding of product development.


Sean Dunagan

Software Engineer

Former full-stack software engineer at Reverb.com.  Systems architect specializing in external systems.

About Us - Aileen Ayers - Health Sqyre

Aileen Ayers

Billing and Claims Manager

Former billing and claims executive at Sleepmed Therapy. Aileen knows the DME industry inside and out.

About Us - Derek Williams - Health Sqyre

Derek Williams

Business Development

Derek is a hustler extraordinaire and assists in all facets of Health Sqyre’s business from operations and customer support to marketing.

About Us - Blair Madole - Health Sqyre

Christine Chung

Marketing & Creative

Former Health Sqyre Intern.  Christine is seasoned at creating a wide variety of creative content and executing on various marketing campaigns.


John Durkee


Former Co-Founder of MedSage, which sold to Philips Healthcare (Respironics).  John is a living encyclopedia of DME.  If it’s DME related, he knows it.

About Us - Matthew Boeckman - Health Sqyre

Matthew Boeckman


Former VP of Infrastructure at Craftsy.  Matthew has an extensive technical skillset that was integral to Craftsy and Home Advisor.

About Us - Gino Disciullo - Health Sqyre

Gino DiSciullo


Healthcare venture capitalist.  Gino is exceptional at raising capital and has extensive experience in healthcare.

About Us - Todd Vanderstelt - Health Sqyre

Todd VanderStelt


Former COO of Amazon Textbooks.  Todd is well-versed in all things ecommerce and marketplace related.


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