ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet Review

The smart CPAP at your command.


One of the leading CPAP machines in the market, the ResMed AirSense 10 is an auto-adjusting CPAP machine that will not disappoint sleep apnea patients. Featuring the most advanced CPAP technology that can monitor your breathing and adjust pressure settings in real time, the AirSense 10 is one of the smartest yet quietest machines. The Easy-Breathe motor is whisper quiet so that you and your partner can sleep in a peaceful environment. In addition, the AirSense 10 is user friendly because of its intuitive LCD screen and interface. ResMed is one of the most trusted brands in the CPAP market and the AirSense 10 has proven to be one of the most reliable and convenient CPAP therapy options.






Picking the right CPAP machine for you is all about preferences. However, who doesn’t want a machine that is packed with the latest technology to monitor your breathing, automate pressure adjustments, all while being whisper-quiet?

ResMed’s AirSense 10 auto CPAP machine comes in a sleek black frame that complements its technologically advanced features for delivering the optimal treatment for every CPAP user. Whether you prefer an APAP or a fixed pressure CPAP machine, the AirSense 10 AutoSet can do it all. Get the machine that will fulfill your preferences and needs.

Features at a Glance


Easily track your sleep progress by syncing your CPAP sleep data such as AHI information to ResMed’s online support program and application via bluetooth connectivity. MyAir will automatically download each of your sleep therapy sessions from your machine and present it to you in a convenient and user friendly way. With a scoring system based off of your nightly therapy data, your myAir Score will reflect your CPAP therapy progress. In addition, myAir will offer helpful tips and educational videos to maximize your therapy comfort and success.

AutoSet Algorithm

The AirSense 10 AutoSet utilizes ResMed’s AutoSet algorithm that monitors the patient’s every breath to detect any sleep disturbances. The algorithm will actively adjust the air pressure during your sleep to help you remain comfortable.


The AirSense 10 is equipped with ResMed’s latest technology - AutoRamp. This ramp feature will start your CPAP therapy at a lower air pressure until you fall asleep. Once it detects that you have fallen asleep, AutoRamp will increase the pressure settings to your prescribed level. With lower CPAP pressure while awake, you can comfortably fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)

Some patients may find it difficult to get used to the air pressure delivered by their CPAP machine. Fortunately, the AirSense 10’s pressure relief system - Expiratory Pressure Relief - allows patients to adjust the air pressure settings during exhalation to optimize comfort. The built-in sensors of the AirSense 10 AutoSet detects when the patient is breathing and automatically lowers the delivered pressure according to the patient’s comfort settings.

HumidAir Heated Humidifier

The AirSense 10 comes with its built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier that allows you to adjust your humidity level. The CPAP machine will automatically detect when the integrated humidifier is connected and will alleviate any dry mouth and nasal congestion you have during your CPAP therapy. In addition, the HumidAir is easy to disassemble and clean. The HumidAir is great when used with ResMed’s heated tubing - the ClimateLineAir heated tube.

User friendly Interface & Design

With the best CPAP technology bundled into the ResMed AirSense 10, this machine has a simple and sleek user interface for you to control. The AirSense 10 has a color LCD screen with an intuitive menu that allows you to navigate through your preferences at ease. Also, the AirSense 10 CPAP has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen based on the room lighting.


Start your CPAP therapy as soon as your breath into your CPAP mask with the AirSense’s SmartStart. The machine will detect when your mask is on or off and either start or shut down accordingly.

Optional Features

Power Station II Battery Kit

Keep your AirSense 10 AutoSet powered and ready to go wherever you are with the ResMed Power Station II battery. Whether you are flying, camping, boating, or on vacation, the powerful yet lightweight Power Station II can provide up to 13 hours of runtime for your AirSense 10 machine. The Power Station II can be charged to 95% or greater battery in less than 4 hours, making it a convenient choice for your CPAP travels.

ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing

The ClimateLineAir Heated Tube is the integrated heated tube variant compatible with the AirSense 10 CPAP machines. As soon as you attach the ClimateLineAir Heated tubing to the AirSense 10 machine, the Auto Climate Control will automatically engage. The AirSense will monitor and adjust the heat settings of the heated tube and humidifier to deliver optimum humidified air to your mask and reduce rainout by keeping the air temperature consistent. In addition, the ClimateLineAir has a 360degree swivel, allowing you to move freely during your CPAP therapy.

Travel Bag for AirSense 10 Machines

The Travel Bag for AirSense, AirStart, and AirCurve 10 machines offers a convenient way to store your CPAP machine on the go. With a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap, the Travel Bag is a must to keep your CPAP therapy on the go.


Included In BoxAuto-Adjusting CPAP Machine, Built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier, Standard Humidifier Chamber, SlimLine Tubing - 15mm Diameter, Power Supply and Cord, Travel Bag, 1 - Standard Filter (Installed), Filter Cover, User Manual
Warranty2 Years
Weight (lbs)1.50 - 2.99
Sound Level (dBA)25.0 - 30.0
Dimensions10.04 in L x 4.57 in W x 5.91 in H
Operating Pressure Range4 - 20 cm H2O (0.2 cm increments)
Auto Pressure AdjustmentYes
Operating Altitude Range0 - 8,500 Feet
Machine TypeAPAP
Ramp0 to 45 min (5-min increments)
Built in HumidifierYes
Advanced Software / DataYes
RainOut ReductionYes
AC Power Consumption100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 - 1.0 A
DC Power Consumption24 VDC, 3.75 A
Works with a BatteryYes

ResMed AirSense 10 vs Respironics DreamStation

The ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset and the Respironics DreamStation Auto are the two clear dominant CPAP machines in the market. Both offer whisper quiet therapy along with the latest technological advances to provide the best automated CPAP treatment you can get. More specifically, both the AirSense 10 and DreamStation have compatible bluetooth applications to analyze sleep data and smart pressure adjusting capabilities. While booth machines offer similar technological features, they also differ in a few specifications that may be the game changer in your CPAP machine decision

If you are looking to get a Heated Humidifier, all the AirSense 10 models come with a built-in HumidAir humidification system. In contrast, the DreamStation humidifier is optional and can be purchased as an add-on. Furthermore, the AirSense 10 is a lighter and more affordable machine with its humidifier while the Dreamstation with humidifier is not only heavier, but also pricier. If the humidification system is not part of your wishlist, the DreamStation may be the better option.

The overall design and shape may influence your decision in choosing between the AirSense 10 and DreamStation. The AirSense 10 comes in a taller, sleek black machine while the DreamStation has a glossy white finish. You may want to consider the sharp color contrast between the machines to fit your preferences.

Dimensions4.6 x 10.0 x 5.91 inches7.6 x 6.2 x 3.3 inches
Weight2.75 lbs1.56 lbs
Sound25-30 dBA25-30 dBA

Final Thoughts

The AirSense 10 AutoSet has the most advanced features that you need to get a good night’s rest. With all the CPAP machine capabilities listed above, the AirSense will deliver you the sleep therapy refined to your preferences. Although pricier than the DreamStation Auto without the humidifier, the $679.00 price line is of great value with all of its comfort and convenience features.


  • Caters to user’s preferences
  • Built-in HumidAir Humidifier
  • Bluetooth myAir Connectivity


  • Not the best travel machine
  • Humidifier may consumer lots of water
  • Dim Backlight of LCD Display

Tailor you CPAP therapy with the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet.

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