ResMed AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask Review:

ResMed’s Softest Mask ever.

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ResMed AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask with Headgear

SKU#: 63000 – Small
SKU#: 63001 – Medium
SKU#: 63002 – Large

Health Sqyre Editors' Rating

The Good  /  The AirTouch F20 is a full face mask that places emphasis on comfort. The UltraSoft memory foam cushion ensures a nice seal seal, the mask is easy to clean, and the magnetic headgear clips make it easy to take off and put on.

The Bad  / Because the AirTouch F20 is ResMed’s newest full face mask and a step up from the AirFit F20, the mask is pretty pricey. Also, the cushion has to be replaced every 30 days.

The Bottom Line  /  Although the AirTouch may be a little hard on the wallet, it’s a worthy investment – if you’re looking for a high quality full face CPAP mask and you’re not on a tight budget, we would highly recommend this product.

  • Design 9.0
  • Features 9.0
  • Comfort 10
  • Price 7.5
  • Quality 9.5

Do you ever get red marks on your face in the morning after wearing a CPAP mask? Do you hopelessly use sponge tapes or mask liners to make your mask more comfortable, but still end up with dents or irritation?

If you were nodding along as you read that, the AirTouch F20 might be just the right mask for you. As the new and improved version of the AirFit F20, the AirTouch’s main feature is the UltraSoft Memory Foam cushion.

ResMed designed this game-changing cushion to create a tight seal, minimize irritation to the face/nose, and feel porous and comfortable against your face. In this review, we will be running through some of the mask’s main features, the pros and cons of the AirTouch, a comparison with similar products, and lastly some AirTouch users’ comments. Let’s get into it!

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AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask Product Features

Fast and easy maintenance

With the AirTouch F20, maintenance is fast and beyond simple. No soap, no water – a quick wipe down with non-alcoholic wipes keeps the memory foam clean. And with regular cushion replacement, patients experience a fresh feeling every time, like a clean set of sheets

UltraSoft memory foam cushion technology

This adaptable cushion is designed to seal across a wide range of therapy pressures. The AirTouch F20 delivers unprecedented comfort and a light, breathable seal – even at high pressures. Say bye bye to red marks and face/nose irritations!

Image Below: The UltraSoft memory foam conforms to the user’s face shape!

Modular frame design

With its modular frame design, you can conveniently switch between AirTouch F20 memory foam and AirFit F20 InfinitySeal cushions, without removing the mask frame, until you find the best option for each patient.

For Her

ResMed offers “For Her” versions of our AirTouch F20 mask, featuring stylish lavender accents and a smaller size range.

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Pros and Cons


  • The Memory Foam Cushion creates a nicer seal than the silicone seal of the AirFit F20 and minimizes redmarks/bruises that may form on the CPAP therapy user’s face.
  • The Elbow can easily be attached and detached, which is perfect for going to the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • The mask features magnetic headgear clips, so that the mask can be slipped on and off with ease
  • The mask is easy to clean – just use mask wipes!


  • The AirTouch is quite pricey. However, it doesn’t cost that much more than the AirFit F20, which is supposed to be its predecessor.
  • The Cushion should be replaced approximately every 30 days or so, but this length could be extended by cleaning the mask more regularly and using a mask liner.

AirTouch F20 Compared With…

There are a lot of CPAP masks on the market but only a handful are worth thinking about purchasing.  Here is how the AirTouch F20 compares with a couple of other notable machines.

ComfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask

Although the ComfortGel Blue Full Face mask has been around for a while, it’s still a close competitor to the AirTouch F20. The Gel cushion may be more comfortable for some users, and the ComfortGel is equipped with a forehead pad, whereas the AirTouch is not. However, the AirTouch suits a wider range of lifestyle needs (active sleepers, claustrophobic, TV watchers) and is generally not as clunky as the ComfortGel.

F&P Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask

The Simplus Full Face Mask likewise has a forehead support pad, and has the RollFit technology, which is supposed to allow the cushion to move around while keeping the seal well intact. However, some CPAP users report marks/pain around the bridge of the nose with the Simplus, and the AirTouch, again, suits more lifestyle needs. The AirTouch is probably superior to the Simplus.

AirFit F20 CPAP Mask

Although the AirFit is kind of like the older version of the AirTouch with a silicone seal instead of a memory foam seal, it may still possibly be more suitable for some CPAP users. On the whole though, the AirTouch is likely to be more comfortable.

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What CPAP Users are Saying About the AirTouch F20

The AirTouch F20 has received its fair share of accolades but none are more important than hearing them directly from CPAP users themselves…

Wow, it’s super comfortable! No clammy feeling like you get with the rubber against your face. Distributes the pressure more evenly! No leakage and 1.5 AHI!
  – Rick A.

So the Memory Foam seems to be very effective for this user. Although there are a few reviews online where some CPAP therapy users reported leakages with the AirTouch, the majority of reviews sound just like this one.

I love mine. It’s the first mask I’ve had that doesn’t leave me with any irritation or red marks on my face. It stays sealed very well and is super comfortable.
  – Cody T.

Nobody likes getting red marks, irritation, bruises, or even cuts (for those with sensitive, paper-thin skin) in the morning after using a stiff CPAP mask. No need to worry about that anymore, with the AirTouch!

I’ll go to sleep early just so I can use it. Haha!
  – Luke M.

This is my first time hearing someone going to bed earlier just for the sake of using their mask. Apparently, the mask is just that good!

No more dents in the bridge of my nose! I got sick of the F&P Simplus with that hard plastic at the top… it’s been a game changer for me.
  – Daniel L.

Again, no damage is made to the face with this mask. This user seems to have been tortured for too long with the F&P Simplus, and has finally found the right mask for himself.

ResMed AirTouch F20 Product Specifications

Price as Reviewed$154.00
Mask FeaturesReplaceable cushion, Magnetic Headgear Clips
Sizing needsNot suitable for small/wide faces, but “For Her” range available
Lifestyle needsGood for active sleepers, mouth breathers, TV watchers, claustrophobic users, and people with facial hair
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Final Thoughts

The AirTouch definitely has some great reviews from CPAP users, and has arguably the most comfortable and effective seal compared to the other full face CPAP masks on the market. If you want a high quality CPAP mask that moulds to the shape of your face, the AirTouch F20 is the product for you.

Maybe using the AirTouch F20 will encourage you to sleep earlier and more comfortably. Leave a comment below to share your experience with the AirTouch, and whether it’s as comfortable as they say!


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