Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine:

The DreamStation Go Auto Review: For the traveling PAP user

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MSRP: $999.00

Manufacturer SKU: DSG500S11 

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The Good  /  The DreamStation Go Travel Auto CPAP Machine is one of the lightest PAP devices weighing in at less than 2 pounds and meeting FAA’s standards for in-flight use. This allows PAP users to continue with therapy when traveling, to ensure the best possible night’s sleep. The Dreamstation Go has Bluetooth capabilities, USB charging port, and MicrsoSD card port.

The Bad  /  You’re going to pay for accessories. The DreamStation Go Overnight Battery is $300.  Also, the warranty for the DreamStation Go covers only 2 years while others offer a 3 year warranty.  Additionally, heated humidification is not available at this time but you can use a universal HME (more on that below).

The Bottom Line  /  It has a super compact footprint which reduces the number of parts to carry when you travel. It’s easy to use and affords most of the comforts for a traveling PAP user.

  • Design 10
  • Features 9.5
  • Power 9.0
  • Sound Level 8.5
  • Weight 8.0

Every day, I hear PAP users discussing the desire to go camping with their friends and family. However, they simply cannot sacrifice even one night away from their PAP device. Moreover, the idea of bringing along an extension cord to a campsite (hoping for no power failures) is just not an option for many PAP users.

It lacks sleep security, a vital importance for sleep apnea patients. Philips Respironic’s Dreamstation Go eliminates this fear by offering a portable and cordless option using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so those on-the-go moments PAP users can now enjoy.

It's finally time to go camping.

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I am a loyal PAP User that travels and I want to know my sleep results.

The Dreamstation Go is Bluetooth-enabled for seamless data transmission to Philips’ EncoreAnywhere and Care Orchestrator cloud-based patient management systems for clinicians. Integration with Philip’s DreamMapper application enables users to easily monitor therapy adherence across multiple devices (mobile phone,  tablet, desktop) from one consolidated dashboard.

You can take this device anywhere since it fits in the palms of your hands.

Image below: Look at how beautiful the LCD touch screen display is! 


What I love about the Dreamstation Go Auto Travel CPAP is that Philips Respironics states it is built to be used every night for 5 years. So, if the pressure is within your range and you are always on the go, this travel PAP device could be used everyday. So, give it a try.

What do others think about the DreamStation Go by Philips Respironics?

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“Traveling with a sleep therapy device can be a cumbersome experience for patients with obstructive sleep apnea,” said Mark D’Angelo, OSA patient and Sleep Therapy Business Leader at Philips.

PAP users no longer have to forgo travel with the Dreamstation Go. Philips Respironic’s has made this possible by offering a compact version of the PAP device that does not sacrifice performance.

“I’m really excited about the DreamStation Go.  It’s going to be an amazing product to travel with!” said David Plummer, OSA patient and world-class swimmer.

David credits CPAP therapy as the “X-Factor” in his swimming career.  Like you and me, he is often on the go and the DreamStation Go allows him to make sure that he’s getting the therapy he needs for a good night’s rest no matter where he is.

Features, Features, and More Features!


Compatible with DreamMapper.

For those of you that don’t know, DreamMapper is the app (iPhone/Android) that Philips Respironics has for their devices so you can see how well your therapy is going.  It tells you everything from when you have mask leaks to how long you slept and also tells you when you’ve ripped your mask off if you’re still having those issues from time to time like me.

Bluetooth Connectivity.

Bluetooth comes standard with every DreamStation Go regardless of whether you get the CPAP or the APAP version.  This is great because it empowers you with data to optimize your therapy.

FAA Compliant.

Being a travel CPAP, Philips Respironics knew that flying with this machine would be imperative.  Well, they made it happen as the DreamStation Go machines fully comply with FAA requirements for airplane travel.

Fast, Easy Click-Connection for Tubes.

This is one of my favorite features…  1. It’s super easy to connect to your tubes and also has a smaller micro-flexible tubing that makes connecting and disconnecting and traveling with it a breeze.  2. It connects with DreamWear and Pico masks from Philips and there is an adapter included for other mask types.  Working with all mask types is a huge benefit as this is a differentiator from the AirMini by ResMed, which does not connect to all other mask types.

Micro-Flexible Tubing.

Respironics came out with new 12mm tubing when they unveiled the DreamStation Go.  This tubing is the smallest and lightest they have ever offered, providing enhanced packability, flexibility and freedom of movement while you sleep.

Built-in Power Supply.

The machine comes with a built-in power supply for a compact footprint and reduces the number of parts that you need to manage.  No need to drag a brick across the country.  However, if you think you need additional power or will be gone for awhile without access to an electrical outlet then you should purchase the separate battery for the DreamStation Go.

Beautiful Color Touch Screen.

Your phone has a touch screen and now your CPAP can too.  Respironics makes it easy for CPAP users to change settings with the intuitive color touchscreen on the DreamStation Go that allows for quick, simple setup and easy navigation.

USB Charging Port.

Guess what?!  You can charge your phone through your CPAP.  Pretty cool, huh?  Just another feature that’s loaded into this machine.

MicroSD Card Port.

There is a port for a MicroSD card  (sold separately) that is capable of storing data for your physicians and clinicians.  This is particularly important if you’re using insurance to purchase your CPAP supplies so that you can be able to show that you’re being compliant so that insurance will continue to cover your products (travel machines are not covered by insurance though).

DreamStation Go Auto Specifications

Dimensions15 cm L x 15 cm W x 5.8 cm H
Weight844 grams (1.86 lbs)
Operating Pressure Range4-20 cm (H2O)
Warranty2 Years
Noise Level30 dBa
Interface CompatibilityCompatible with all masks
Altitude CompensationAutomatic
Ramp Time0 to 45 mins (5 min increments)
Electrical Requirements100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

A Few Things to Note:

Does Not Come with A Humidifier.

There is currently not a humidifier that is built for the DreamStation Go.  Philips Respironics has implied that this is an accessory that they’re working on but at this time hasn’t unveiled anything.   However, you can purchase a waterless humidification system like a heat moisture exchanger (HME).   This is a universal HME that will work with DreamStation Go.

Available Extra Battery Pack (Sold Separately).

The DreamStation Go has a built-in power supply and you can connect the machine to a standard power outlet.  The machine comes with an AC power cord.  If you won’t be around electrical sources you should think of purchasing the DreamStation Go Overnight CPAP Battery Pack.  It costs $299 and weighs 1.53 pounds and has an average run time of 13 hours at a 10cm pressure setting.

Compatible with Most Mask Types.

The DreamStation Go connects with DreamWear and Pico masks from Philips Respironics and comes with an adapter to connect with other mask types.

CPAP (non-auto) Version Available.

There is a plain CPAP version of the DreamStation Go that is $799, which is $50 cheaper than the DreamStation Go Auto CPAP.  However, we don’t recommend the CPAP version.  Spending an extra $50 to get the auto version of this machine so that it can automatically adjust the pressure based on your breathing patterns in real-time is well worth the extra cost.

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Final Thoughts

This machine is a winner and is what I believe to be the best travel CPAP on the market because of all of the aforementioned reasons.  Philips Respironics has spent millions of dollars performing R&D around this machine and it has paid off.  While the ResMed AirMini is also an exceptional travel machine, the DreamStation Go gets my recommendation because of its functionality and features and because it is a universal machine and will work with a variety of masks right out of the box.  You won’t go wrong choosing this machine and will have the luxury of traveling simply and easily with the comfort of knowing that wherever your travels may lead you, you will get a good night’s sleep.


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