HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Review:

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The Good / The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP machine is a light, compact machine that has overall lower pressures, an optional integrated battery system that provides at least 8 hours of cord-free power, and data-tracking through a mobile app.

The Bad / This machine measures 26 decibels in sound, which is a low sound level for CPAP machines. However, some users complain that this is still loud…Also, the humidifier must be replaced every 3-10 days (recommended).

The Bottom Line / The Z1 Auto is convenience and comfort all packed in one small, travel-friendly form. Its specs, such as the integrated battery system and data-tracking app, make every cent worth it.

8.4 Overall
  • Design 9.0
  • Features 8.0
  • Performance 8.5
  • Power 8.5
  • Sound level 8.0

Did you know that only 50% of people on CPAP actually use it?

Untreated sleep apnea may lead to heart failure, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Although CPAP is a 100% proven, most effective treatment for sleep apnea, only half of the people prescribed CPAP use it. Why? Discomfort and inconvenience! Most people do not know of other options, such as the Auto CPAP, which delivers a more natural breathing experience. The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine not only gives you the comfortable therapy you need, but it also happens to be one of the lightest and smallest CPAP machines on the market!

In this review, we will explore the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine in depth, including its features, comparisons with other competitive auto-CPAP models, and other reviews of this product.

Z1 Auto CPAP Product Features

Z-Breathe Pressure Relief

The Z1 Auto adapts to your own breathing requirement thousands of times every night. This pressure relief feature reduces the air pressure at the time of exhalation. The overall lower airstream pressures makes a natural breathing experience possible. Z-Breathe can be set to one of these levels:

  1. Z-Breathe set to 1 = gentle pressure relief at the time of exhalation
  2. Z-Breathe set to 2 = moderate pressure relief at the time of exhalation
  3. Z-Breathe set to 3 = large pressure relief at the time of exhalation

All-around Travel-friendly

At only 10.4 ounces and measuring 6.5 inches, this is one of the lightest and smallest auto-CPAP machine - an everyday necessity that is also ideal for travel.

This portable auto-CPAP machine has a power supply auto that adjusts from 100 to 240 volts. It is also FAA approved for in-flight use.

Optional Integrated Battery

The optional integrated battery system also known as the new PowerShell with Extended Life provides at least 8 hours of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery. The PowerShell design holds the machine and battery together in one pack. You can use the battery to run the machine by itself or set the battery up as a backup.

Nitelog App and Data Reporting

The Z2 Auto is data-capable and records all information that you can review and easily share with your doctor. You can download the free Nitelog mobile app for iOS or Android and sync directly to your device with Bluetooth. This app can also be used as a remote control for the auto-CPAP machine.

Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Humidifier Filter

The Z1 comes with a unique humidifier system that is a unique alternative to bulky water-based humidifiers. They call it the Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) and it is an inline waterless humidification solution unit that requires no additional power and is travel friendly. The HME is included when purchasing the Z1.

Tubing / Z1 Custom Tube Adapter

The team at Z1 had the end user in mind when thinking about what parts to include with the Z1 machine. The Z1 comes with a 4 foot slim style tube and also comes with the Z1 Custom Tube Adapter that adapts to a standard 22mm CPAP hose, which connects to the outlet of the Z1.

What to Note…

  • Although the Z1 Auto is on the cheaper side in comparison to other similar models, CPAP machines are not cheap. However, think of it as an investment to convenience, comfort, and life full of restful nights.
  • The sound level of the Z1 Auto measures only 26 decibels (which is quiet in comparison to other CPAP machines), but some people may still find it noisy.
  • It is recommended that the humidifier be replaced every 3-10 days.

Z1 Auto CPAP Compared With…

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel

The Respironics DreamStation is small like the Z1 Auto but twice the weight. It can be charged and be used for up to more than 8 hours, unlike the Z1 Auto, but it is not cordless. The Respironics DreamStation has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity with a data-tracking app and auto-adjusting pressure, similar to the Z1 Auto. However, it is slightly more expensive than the Z1 Auto.

Transcend Auto Mini

Although a bit heavier and bigger than the Z1 Auto, the Transcend Auto Mini is also travel-friendly. It has Auto/Fixed pressure modes, just like the Z1 Auto, and similar pressure range and sound pressure levels. However, the Transcend Auto Mini does not have an integrated battery option, compliance reporting, or waterless humidification. It is also slightly cheaper than the Z1 Auto.

ResMed AirMini

Similar to the Z1 Auto, the ResMed AirMini is a small and light auto-CPAP machine. It is also travel-friendly and can be linked with a phone app using Bluetooth. The ResMed AirMini has waterless humidification and auto-adjusting pressure as well. However, at 30 decibels, it is slightly louder than the Z1 Auto. Also, the RedMed AirMini needs a special mask, unlike the Z1 Auto. Although the ResMed AirMini has a longer battery life, it has a big wall plug and is significantly more expensive.

What CPAP Users are Saying About the Z1 Auto

I’ve avoided taking a CPAP on my travels because I have enough to lug with a roll-aboard and a briefcase. I bought this little jewel when it was first available and I am thrilled with it. It works great, adjusts to my breathing, and provides me with a great night’s sleep on the road. I am no longer exhausted because of poor sleep and I can pack it in my roll-aboard easily. Brilliant.

- Rob A.

Avoiding CPAP therapy because of inconvenience should be the least of your concerns…worry no more! The travel-friendly, small Z1 Auto allows you to get quality sleep wherever you go.


It’s small, light (without the battery), and powerful. I like the features and the flexibility in settings. I like that it stays on the nightstand. It was a little pricey but as long as this keeps working I’ll consider it a good investment. The HME worked much better than I expected again saving me the trouble of locating distilled water when traveling. All said, I’m very pleased with this unit so far.

- Chuck A.

All said, the Z1 Auto is an all-around pleasant product.


My wife is a light sleeper. Her comment was that it is very quiet. Also it is very easy to get into sync with the machine…I would highly recommend the travel Z1 Auto.

- John P.

Not only is it travel-friendly, but this little auto-CPAP machine is also user-friendly! The Z1 Auto is one of the quietest machines on the market with a sound level of only 26 dBA, so unless you are a super light sleeper, the sound of this machine should not be a problem.

Z1 Auto Product Specifications

Price as Reviewed$549.00
Weight (machine only)0.65 lb
Dimensions6.48 in L x 3.3 in W x 2.02 in H
SoftwareNitelog (Android, iOS)
Data CardMicro-USB cable or Micro-SD Card
Pressure Range4-20 cm H2O 0.5 increment
Operating Altitude Range0 - 8,000 ft
Power Consumption20W, 30VA

The Z1 Auto is the auto-cpap version of the original Z1 CPAP Machine. The difference is that the Z1 Auto learns and adapts to your own breathing requirement thousands of time every night and adjusts specifically to your needs.

Unlike a lot of competitive CPAP models out there, the Z1 Auto does not require a special mask, meaning you can use it with your favorite, usual one. No need to spend extra $$ on buying another set of masks!

With all these features, the Z1 Auto is a steal. Say bye to uncomfortable, bulky breathing machine, and say hello to the new Z1 Auto CPAP Machine and a good night’s rest.

The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine boasts a lot of specs, as seen in this review. However, the other comparison products are also very good devices. Choosing the right CPAP machine for yourself can be tough, especially when there are so many choices and factors to consider…

Try the Z1 Auto risk-free for 15 days! If you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund including return shipping! You pay nothing! Try your Z1 Auto today.

Other Travel Products

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