CPAP therapy can leave you with more questions than answers.

Sometimes, all you need is a little help.

Do You Ever Wonder If You’re Doing Your CPAP Therapy Right?

You’re Not Alone

“I feel claustrophobic when I wear my mask at night. What do you do to fix this?”

“None of the masks that I have tried fit correctly. How do I find the right one?”

“I am new to CPAP and I feel like there is a ton of air getting pushed down my throat… Is this normal? Do I need to change the pressure?”

“What is the best way to deal with mouth leaks with a nasal mask?”

These are real questions from CPAP users. The problem is that most of these answers will change based on the patient’s personal CPAP equipment and lifestyle preferences. Thus, there is no universal solution to any one of these questions.

Well, Now There is Help!

Health Sqyre has created a program that gives 1 on 1 help to get every patient the best care possible. The personalized, expert CPAP therapy assistance will allow any patient to get all of their questions and concerns answered.

What Can You Expect to Gain From CPAP Coaching?

Better Sleep

Optimized CPAP Therapy

Someone to Help You Every Step of the Way

Better Health

A Support Network

Easier to be Compliant


Real People. Real Help Anytime. Anywhere.

Unlimited Chat with a Coach

Unlimited Chat

You will be given access to 24 / 7 chat with a CPAP therapy coach that can help with any concerns that you may have. Our coaches are have extensive experience in the CPAP field, and have helped many patients over the years.

Making a plan

Personalized Plan

When talking with your coach, respiratory therapist, or sleep doctor, you two will be able to formulate a specialized plan to fix any pain points in you CPAP therapy. This will allow for a much better night's sleep leading to better health!

Doctor on laptop

Video Teaching

Since it is significantly easier to explain something when both parties can see it, we offer video chats that will help you explain your concerns to the RT or MD. Our video chat is completely HIPAA compliant and confidential between the medical professional and patient.

Recognized by the Best

Private. Secure. Trusted.

- Every message, call, or video chat is HIPAA Compliant

- All medical professionals are licensed and sworn to confidentiality

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Membership Options


Unlimited Chat with a Coach

Chat Video Respiratory Therapist


Unlimited Chat with a Coach + 2 Video Chats with Respiratory Therapists (20 minutes each)


Unlimited Chat with a Coach + 2 Video Chats with Licensed Sleep Doctors (20 minutes each)

One Time Options


One Chat with a Coach

Video Respiratory Therapist


One Video Chat with a Respiratory Therapist


One Video Chat with a Licensed Sleep Doctor

Get Help Now

Having a personal guide to walk you through any concerns with CPAP therapy is just a few clicks away!