CPAP Mask Glossary

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Assembly Kit – Mask only, no headgear.

Chinstrap – Strap designed to cradle the jaw to keep the mouth closed

Diffuser Filter – A filter that is placed on the exhalation port so that it reduces the exhalation noise of the mask.

Fabric (Cheek) Wraps – Wraps that can be placed on the cheek portion of the mask to help alleviate irritation on the cheeks.

Forehead Pad – A pad that supports the mask’s forehead piece to provide comfort and reduce irritation.

Full Face Mask – A face mask that covers the nose and the mouth.

Headgear – Straps that go around the head and are designed to fasten the mask to the face to reduce air leaks.

Headgear Clips – This clip is threaded onto the headgear strap and attaches the strap to the frame. The clips allow easy removal and replacement of the mask without re-adjusting the straps.

Loops – Designed by Resmed, a headgear alternative that attaches behind the ears instead of around the head.

Nasal Mask – A mask that covers only the nose.

Nasal Pad – A soft strip placed across the nasal bridge to help skin irritation and facial sores, mask leakage, and improve comfort.

Nasal Pillows Mask – A mask that only covers the base of the nose (the nostrils).

Replacement Cushions – Cushions made of either gel, silicon, or foam that replace the inner section that goes over the mouth and nose.

Replacement Pillows – Pillows made of either gel, silicon, or foam that replace the inner section that goes into the nostrils.

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