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how it works

1. Complete Online Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

Complete and sign questionnaire electronically from any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Physician Reviews and Writes Prescription

U.S. board-certified, licensed physician reviews your sleep apnea questionnaire and writes a prescription if medically necessary.

3. Receive Prescription and Buy Supplies

Use your prescription to buy any CPAP machine, CPAP mask, or any other CPAP supplies.

additional details


In some cases, you can get a prescription in less than a few hours!

U.S. Board-Certified Physician

The physician writing your prescription is a U.S. board-certified, licensed physician.

100% Risk-Free

If the physician does not write a prescription we will give you your money back – 100% refund.

What Our Customers Say

Janet C. / CT

“My CPAP broke and I was in a bind.  How was I supposed to sleep without it?  Luckily, Health Sqyre was there to help!  It was super easy and really fast.  You have a wonderful service – thanks so much!”

“You guys are the best!  I just moved and don’t have a doctor that I see regularly (and I dislike going to the doctor office!) so the CPAP Prescription Package was perfect for me.  Now I’ve got the new supplies I needed. Thanks!”

Robert J. / WA
Rick M. / TX

I don’t have time nor the money to pay for a visit to the doctor.  I’m so glad that I found Health Sqyre.  They got me a CPAP prescription in less than 24 hours!  I was able to order a new CPAP and mask and am sleeping well again thanks to them!”

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