Does My Insurance Cover CPAP?

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No matter who your health insurance provider is, there is an overwhelmingly good chance that they cover certain categories of CPAP products.  When considering which CPAP supplies to cover, most insurance companies follow what Medicare does and follows Medicare’s CPAP supplies reimbursement schedule.

What CPAP Products are Covered by Insurance?

Private health insurance companies typically follow Medicare’s reimbursement schedule regarding CPAP supplies.  The common insurance-eligible products include machines, masks, tubes, and filters.  For a comprehensive list of what supplies are covered by Medicare (therefore, many private payers), visit our CPAP Products Covered by Insurance Page.

ResMed AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask

What CPAP Products are Not Covered by Insurance?

Since, private health insurance companies typically will follow Medicare’s reimbursement schedule, they usually do not insure/reimburse anything that does not have a HCPCS code.  The products that are usually not covered by insurance companies are ones that they consider “non-essential” to CPAP therapy.  This includes products like travel machines, accessories, and cleaning products.  For a comprehensive list of what is not covered by Medicare (therefore, many private payers), visit our CPAP Products Not Covered by Insurance post.

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP
SoClean CPAP Cleaner

Specific Insurance Companies

We understand that there are nuances and complexities for different insurance policies that can be tough to navigate.  To make it easy for you we have highlighted the important CPAP policy aspects for the five major insurance providers in the logos below.  For each you will be able to  review their CPAP policy guidelines and we also provide their customer service information in case you need to contact them.

United Healthcare Insurance Form
Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Claim Form
Cigna Insurance Form
Humana Insurance Form
Aetna Health Insurance Form - Health Sqyre

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