How to Find a Medicare CPAP Provider

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Although it may seem like a tall task, finding a CPAP provider that is in-network with your Medicare plan is easier than you might expect.  If you are insured by Medicare, you have a couple of options to find a Medicare CPAP supplier that will work with you.

1.  Use Health Sqyre


2. Use Medicare’s Website

1.  Use Health Sqyre

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When you create a free account with Health Sqyre and enter your insurance information, we tell you instantly which CPAP providers work with Medicare and are able to service your needs.  There is no need to make phone calls to either the vendor or Medicare or your doctor, as we have already compiled all of this information within our database.  With the click of a button, you will be able to see who the CPAP Medicare suppliers are and you will also get the best prices available to you from any vendor, whether they are in-network, out-of-network, or cash only so that you can always get the best price.

Sign up for a free Health Sqyre account to see what CPAP providers work with your Medicare plan!

2.  Use Medicare’s Website

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If you use Medicare as your health insurance, it is possible to find an in-network CPAP provider that works with Medicare by using Medicare’s Supplier Directory.  After you click the link, enter the zip code of the area that you live in and will be using the CPAP supplies and select the type of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that you are looking for.  For CPAP supplies, select “.  If you are fortunate, a Medicare DME provider will be relatively close to you; however, for many people, this is not the case and could be a long drive from your home.  Luckily, Health Sqyre will drop off any desired CPAP products right at your front door, eliminating the need to travel to get your CPAP supplies!

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