How to Find an In-Network CPAP Supply Provider

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If there is any possibility that you may want to use your health insurance to purchase durable medical equipment (DME), such as a CPAP machine or CPAP masks, you are more than likely going to find the best deal on a product that is sold by a provider that is in-network with your insurance company. (Check out our In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Help Page if you need a refresher).

There are a few ways to get reliable information about what CPAP providers are in-network with your insurance:

1. Use Health Sqyre

When you create an account with Health Sqyre, we tell you instantly which CPAP providers on our site are in-network with your insurance company. There is no need to make phone calls to either the CPAP provider or insurance company, as we have already compiled all of this information within our database on our platform. With the click of a button, you will be able to see the best prices available to you from all of our vendors, whether they are in-network or out-of-network with your insurance, or if they don’t work with insurance at all and only take out-of-pocket payments.

Sign up for a FREE Health Sqyre account to see all of the CPAP providers who are in-network with your insurance and see how much money you can save!

2. Contact your Insurance Company

If you choose this method, it should be equally as effective as using Health Sqyre, except take significantly more time and effort. In this section, we have provided links to 5 major health insurance companies. Within these links, you will be able to find more information about that particular payer’s CPAP policy along with their contact information.

3. Visit Medicare’s Website

If you have Medicare as your health insurance, it is possible to find an in-network CPAP provider using Medicare’s Supplier Directory. Once you’ve clicked the link, enter the zip code of your residence where you will be making your CPAP purchases and select the type of DME that you are looking for - in this case you should select “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices in the Competitive Bid Categories and “CPAP, RADs, & Related Supplies & Accessories” in the Non-Competitive Bid Categories section. If you are fortunate, a Medicare DME provider will be relatively close to your location; however, for many people, this is not the case. If you run into that problem, don’t worry, Health Sqyre will drop off any desired CPAP products right at your front door, eliminating the need to get in the car and travel to get your CPAP supplies!

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