How Does The Home Sleep Apnea Test Work?

What Is a Home Sleep Apnea Test?

The Home Sleep Apnea Test is a small, portable device that allows a certified sleep physician to diagnose you with obstructive sleep apnea. You can use this device to take the test in the comfort of your own home for one night.

The Home Sleep Apnea Test generally measures your breathing, blood oxygen level, and nasal/oral airflow. Some devices can even measure your heart rate and body positions.

After using the device, a sleep physician reviews the data and the results will be sent right to your home. Then, if the results diagnosed you with sleep apnea, you just have to go online to Health Sqyre and choose the CPAP product you need!

Benefits of a Home Sleep Apnea Test

Low Cost

  • You can get tested for sleep apnea for a much lower cost with the Home Sleep Apnea Test than a polysomnography at a sleep lab. The polysomnographies can cost anywhere from $600 to $6000, whereas the Home Sleep Apnea Test only costs $299 at Health Sqyre! Granted, the polysomnographies can detect many other sleep disorders, but if you just need to be tested for sleep apnea, then the Home Sleep Apnea Test is perfect for you!


  • You don’t have to stay overnight in an uncomfortable bed in a sleep lab, or leave your house at all. All you have to do is order the Home Sleep Apnea Test, follow the instructions, sleep as you normally would, send it back to Health Sqyre, and you’re all set!


  • Unlike a polysomnography, which can take weeks to schedule, you can get tested for sleep apnea the very next day or anytime you want!


  • The Home Sleep Apnea Test lets you sleep in your own bed as you would normally, which increases the accuracy of the results. Moreover, the device not only detects sleep apnea, but also the severity of the disorder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order a home sleep test – you can either pay by insurance or by cash (credit/debit card). You can get the test overnight, or you can choose to have it shipped in 5 to 7 business days!
  1. Take the test – Use the test for one night (minimum 4 hours) in the comfort of your own bed!

Here’s how to use the test equipment:

  1. Send the test back to us for free – Use the pre-paid return label to send us the test package.
  1. Review your results – A U.S. board-certified sleep doctor will review and analyze your test results within 24 hours. We will then send you a written interpretation of the results.
  1. Choose your products – Health Sqyre has all your CPAP needs covered! We will assist you in identifying the best CPAP suppliers to purchase your CPAP therapy products.

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Dr. Burggraaff is double board certified in the two most relevant fields for treating snoring and sleep apnea: Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor) and Sleep Medicine. This allows Dr. Burggraaff the unique advantage of becoming intimately familiar with the relationship between how we breathe and how it relates into sleep.

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