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Medical Supply Buying Made Simple.

Shopping for medical equipment is hard.
We make it easy through real-time assistance, transparent pricing, shopping tools, and more.

Save Money

Insurance prices and cash prices vary significantly.  Our tools help provide you with real-time cash and insurance price comparisons side by side so that you can always get the most bang for your buck.

Save Time

You used to have to call or walk into a brick and mortar store to use your insurance to buy medical supplies.  Not anymore!  Now you can use your insurance to buy and have supplies delivered right to your door.


Just type in your insurance information and like magic you can shop using your insurance.  It’s that easy.  You also get access to thousands of products sold by a variety of in-network insurance and cash only sellers.

easily compare

cash vs. insurance prices

Insurance prices for medical supplies are typically 2-3x higher than cash prices.  We’ll help you determine the best price depending on your insurance and where you are in your coverage.

Like choice?

Boatload of sellers and products

We are a marketplace and have all kinds of sellers and products to guarantee that you get the product that you need for the best price.

Features Designed to Make your life easier

Real-Time Insurance Prices

It’s simple… We tell you what you owe and what your insurance will pay

Price Comparison

Cash vs. insurance price comparison from a variety of sellers

Health Insurance Dashboard

Your plan information including deductibles, co-insurance rates and more at your fingertips

Seller Network

Variety of in-network and cash only sellers on our site so you can get the best price

Claim services

We’ll submit your insurance claims for free (even if you pay in cash)

Documentation Services

We’ll get all the insurance documentation needed for you to get reimbursed for free

Alerts & Advice

Are you compliant? Time to reorder? Have you met your deductible? We’ll tell you.

Easy Resupply

Easy automated resupply that is tailored to your insurance reimbursement

Product Selection

We only carry the best and highest rated products… Period


Products shipped right to your door.  No more lengthy phone calls or store visits


Your information is encrypted and secure with Health Sqyre

Educational Resources

Collection of educational resources designed to help you 24×7

Access to a variety of health insurance carriers


  • I purchased my equipment in cash (out-of-pocket) and Health Sqyre submitted a claim to my insurance company for FREE.  What a great service!

    Kathy D CPAP user
  • I can't believe I can use my insurance online.  This site is amazing!!!

    Marsha W. CPAP user
  • I was able to compare the cheapest cash price vs. the cheapest insurance price.  The prices were very different and I saved a lot of money using my insurance!

    Cecil R CPAP user
  • Health Sqyre's insurance dashboard told me my deductible and how much of it I had used up along with my co-insurance rates.  I was able to see how my insurance affected the pricing in real-time!

    Josh W CPAP user
  • Shopping online for my CPAP supplies and being able to use insurance is sure better than having to go to one of those medical supply stores!

    Amanda C CPAP user

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