How to Use HDM Z1 APAP/CPAP Travel Machine

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Are you ready to travel across the Atlantic Ocean? Or maybe you’re going on a family camping trip to Maine. Whichever it is, you’ll have no problem sleeping with the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine.

Small yet powerful, the Z1 boasts ultimate portability. Anyone that owns a Z1 loves having the machine on their travels - but not everyone knows how to use it properly.

Here is a detailed guide on how to use the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine. For additional information, refer to the official Z1 manual.

Getting Started

The Z1 CPAP machine has various parts. To correctly assemble the Z1 parts, follow the instructions below.

How to setup your Z1

  • Take the contents out of the package and place the machine on a flat surface.
  • Your machine comes with a filter already installed.
  • Connect the CPAP Tube to the round end of the Tube Adapter.
  • Insert the other end of the Tube Adapter into the machine.
  • Connect the other end of the CPAP Tube to the Heat Moisture Exchanger.
  • Connect the Heat Moisture Exchanger to the mask.
  • Plug the AC power cord into the AC Adapter and plug the cord into a wall socket.
  • Your machine is ready to go!

Set Up the Heat Moisture Exchanger

  • Connect the large diameter end of the Heat Moisture Exchanger to your mask and the smaller end to your CPAP tube.
  • When not in use, the Heat Moisture Exchanger should be stored in a sealed plastic bag.

Basic Menu Navigation

Ramp Progress and Ramp Time Remaining Indicators

  • You can program your device for Ramp Mode, which slowly increases the pressure to your prescribed pressure for optimal comfort. Set Ramp Time by holding the up arrow button for 3 seconds and using the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the time. Then press and hold the star/stop button to save the ramp time. Repeat these steps to adjust the Ramp Start Pressure.

General Status Display

  • The display field alternates between current date, current function mode, and Z-breathe setting. There may also be notifications that need to be addressed on this screen. For example, “REMINDER” is displayed if there is air leakage.

Starting and Stopping Treatment

  • To start and stop therapy, press the start/stop button.


Did you know that you have to clean your Z1? That’s right! As often used as it is, your Z1 needs your attention.

Z1 Cleaning

  • Remove and wash the tube in warm water and mild detergent everyday.
  • Rinse with water and hang to dry.
  • Clean the outside of the machine with a damp cloth and mild detergent, but do not submerge the device in water.


The times have changed. Phones don’t just text and call anymore - they have access to the internet, games, and photos. So don’t be surprised that Z1 doesn’t just pump air. That’s right! It has more advanced functionalities as described here.

Mobile App for Data

To view your data and share it with your doctor easily:

  • download the free Nitelog mobile app for iOS or Android
  • sync the app to your device with Bluetooth
  • now you can review your data!

User Software

  • You can download the User Software for data viewing from the Human Design Medical website to a Windows computer.
  • Install as instructed.
  • Connect your Z1 to the PC using a USB to Micro USB cable.
  • choose “SYNC with DEVICE” on the top of the screen.
  • Now you can view your therapy data on your PC!

For more information, refer to this guide.

Power & Traveling

Traveling somewhere? No worries! Z1 boasts high portability.

Power Sources for Z1

Power Supply

  • The Power Supply converts AC to DC power, and with the correct adaptor, can be used internationally.


  • The PowerShell is an optional accessory that allows you to temporarily use the Z1 without the Power Supply.


Keep in mind that your Z1 needs a resupply of its parts and accessories. For your convenience, here is a resupply schedule for your Z1.

Tube90 daysTubes can tear and cause leakage
Filter30 daysFilters wear out and they can expose you to dust, mold, and germs


It’s helpful to have in mind the warranty information for your Z1, just in case something happens to your machine. You can also check out our blog post on how to deal with a broken CPAP machine for more detail. The following are the warranty periods of products related to your Z1.

Z1 Machine3 years
PowerShell2 years
Extended Life Battery6 months
Power Supply2 years

Now you can confidently say you know your machine inside out. As you’ve probably felt, Z1 is a very straightforward machine to use. Considering how powerful it is, its simplicity is extremely surprising.

For additional help, feel free to chat, e-mail, or call us at Health Sqyre!

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