How to Use Health Insurance at

Health Sqyre

After submitting your insurance information, prices of products will adjust
in real-time and you can save money by easily comparing
insurance prices with out-of-pocket prices.

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With Insurance, you gain…

Insurance Dashboard

See your insurance data live - your coinsurance rate,
deductibles, out-of-pocket maximum, and more.

Cash vs. Insurance Pricing

Directly compare your price options on each product page - we’ll even tell you what documentation you require!

We’ll submit your claims

Don’t worry about submitting your claims
- we can do it all for you, FREE.

How to use your insurance with us


Sign up for an account

Sign up for our FREE account at our website. The orange sign up button is on the top right corner.


Fill in your insurance info

After signing in, fill in your Insurance information at My Account > Health Insurance


Use your Insurance Dashboard

See your individual and family plan insurance coverage information online, in real-time.


Compare Prices

Directly compare Cash vs. Insurance pricing options in each product page. We’ll also tell you any document requirements, like an assignment of benefits, prescription, doctor’s note, sleep test, etc. If you add an item into your shopping cart, our algorithms will recalculate the prices of each subsequent items added to the cart, all in real-time.

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