How to Apply for Insurance Reimbursement

When you purchase CPAP supplies, many of the product categories are eligible for insurance reimbursement. We have complied a list of CPAP products covered by insurance in case you have any questions. Whether you use insurance or cash to purchase your equipment on Health Sqyre, we will always offer to apply for reimbursement on your behalf free of charge. However, if you wish to do it yourself, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Complete an out-of-network claim form


  • These forms should be readily accessible on your insurance company’s website if it is not shown below

Please select your provider:

United Healthcare Insurance Form
Aetna Health Insurance Form - Health Sqyre
Kaiser Health Insurance Form
Cigna Insurance Form
Humana Insurance Form
Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Claim Form
Molina Healthcare

Step 2: Attach your itemized receipt


  • We will always include a receipt with your purchase and package


Step 3: Submit the claim form and receipt to your vision insurance company



Step 4: Collect your reimbursement!


  • Typically, this process take 2-3 weeks (can vary based on your provider)

If you would rather have Health Sqyre file an insurance claim for you, sign up for free below!