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We are changing the way patients buy medical supplies.

The Health Sqyre Vision

Our vision is that buying medical supplies online will be as easy as buying a pair of shoes online.


Over the last decade, we’ve seen an aging population, an increase in online retail sales, and patients increasingly turning to the internet for more convenient and less expensive options.  These trends are set to accelerate now that there are healthcare API platforms that make it possible to integrate directly with payers to access patient coverage data.


Imagine if you could know exactly what cost you owe and what your insurance will cover for a particular medical supply with just a click of a button… and then be able to buy it (Online!).  We’ll actually be able to deliver this as soon as we finish building our proprietary rules engine that performs various algorithmic calculations and API calls.


Once this is possible, our addressable market suddenly opens up from only serving CPAP therapy users to include users of all durable medical equipment (“DME”).


Eventually, we can eliminate opaque pricing and the inability to purchase medical supplies online using insurance.  And that’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.

The Health Sqyre Platform

Our online marketplace seamlessly connects DME providers to patients who need

to buy CPAP supplies, and provides tools for easy online insurance and/or cash purchases.

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Selected by Incubator.
July 2015


1st DME Seller Joins Platform.
August 2016


Formed Advisory Board.
October 2016


News Article Written About Health Sqyre.
December 2016


Expanded team to 4.
March 2017


Secured initial seed funding.
March 2017


Expanded team to 6.
June 2017


Daily user signups / pre-launch traffic.
September 2017


Launching Beta Site.
October 2017


Patients have a difficult time finding the medical supplies they need and finding providers that work with their insurance, offer competitive pricing, and provide satisfactory customer service.


Online marketplace for medical supplies with real-time assistance, transparent pricing, and shopping tools to empower patients.

Difficult to Buy Online Using Insurance

Sellers that work with insurance rarely have the option for customers to buy products online using their insurance.

Non-Transparent Pricing

Sellers that work with insurance often have opaque pricing, leaving patients mystified and victims to overinflated pricing.

Cash vs. Insurance?

Patients typically do not understand when to pay out-of-pocket or use their health insurance, resulting in overspending.

Buy Online Using Insurance

Provides patients an easy way to compare out-of-pocket vs. insurance prices, shop for, and purchase medical equipment online using their insurance.

Transparent Pricing

Offers patients transparent, real-time insurance information and dynamic pricing that changes based on the patient's health insurance coverage.

Extensive Seller Network

Variety of non-insurance sellers and insurance sellers that are in-network with various third-party insurance providers so patients get the best price.

Market Opportunity

U.S. Durable Medical Equipment Expenditures

Favorable Market Dynamics

U.S. DME Expenditure Graph

Increase in Online Retail Shopping

U.S. online sales continue significant growth compared to retail as 8 in 10 Americans are now shopping online.

Aging Population / High Obesity Rates

1 in 5 Americans will be 65 and over by 2030. Currently, 36% of adult Americans are considered obese.

Consumers Increasingly Using Digital Health Services

Consumer use of digital health tools has increased by 500% over the last year and 88% of consumers use at least one digital health service.

Funding Goals

Use of Funds

Health Sqyre fundraising opportunity

Customer Acquisition

Site Enhancements / Increased Functionality

Add DME Provider Partnerships

Roll-out Additional DME Product Verticals

Expand Distribution Channels

Founding Team

About Us - Andrew Schremp - Health Sqyre

Andrew Schremp

Founder / CEO

Andrew has in-depth experience in e-commerce and the DME industry and has worked with patients of all kinds in order to truly address their needs.

About Us - Mike Kachline - Health Sqyre

Mike Kachline

Founding Engineer

Mike has vast experience founding and building digital consumer-facing companies with a knack for relating to consumers.

About Us - Aileen Ayers - Health Sqyre

Aileen Ayers

Billing and Claims Manager

Former Billing and Claims Executive at Sleepmed Therapy. Aileen knows the DME industry inside and out.

About Us - Blair Madole - Health Sqyre

Blair Madole

Marketing Manager

Former Marketing Director at Havenly and Craftsy. Blair is seasoned at implementing and executing various marketing strategies for e-commerce sites.

About Us - Connor Denman - Health Sqyre

Connor Denman

Founding Engineer

Connor is a resourceful engineering talent who has been practicing his craft since he was 12 and has an extensive e-commerce pedigree.

About Us - Derek Williams - Health Sqyre

Derek Williams

Business Development

Derek is a hustler extraordinaire and assists in all facets of Health Sqyre’s business from operations and customer support to marketing.

Advisory Team

About Us - Matthew Boeckman - Health Sqyre

Matthew Boeckman

Technical Adviser

Former VP of Infrastructure at Craftsy.  Matthew has an extensive technical skillset that was integral to Craftsy and Home Advisor.

About Us - Gino Disciullo - Health Sqyre

Gino Disciullo

Operations / Investment Adviser

Healthcare venture capitalist.  Gino is exceptional at raising capital and has extensive experience in healthcare.

About Us - Todd Vanderstelt - Health Sqyre

Todd Vanderstelt

E-Commerce / Operations Adviser

Former COO of Amazon Textbooks.  Todd is well-versed in all things e-commerce and marketplace related.

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