Health Sqyre Presents Mask Home Try-On

Try Any 2 CPAP Masks At Home For 30 Days

Why Home Try-On?

Compare 2 masks for 30 days, risk-free.

Avoid common mask problems.

Make sure the mask fits comfortably.

Doubts From Online Shopping Removed.

Buying before trying? Not at Health Sqyre.

Trying before buying - like it should be.


Explore a variety of types, sizes, and models.


Try masks in the comfort of your own home.


Try both masks for 30 days before you make your selection.

compare for yourself

Mask A vs. Mask B

There are numerous combinations of mask models, types, and sizes - let us increase your chance of finding your perfect mask two-fold.

To start…

Take this quiz for the perfect mask

Take our mask quiz and our algorithms and mask specialist will further help you find your perfect mask.

How it works

1. Take The Mask Quiz

Answer a few simple questions and our algorithms and mask specialists will create personalized recommendations.

2. Purchase the Mask Home Try-On

You tell us which two masks you want to try and we ship them out to you!

3. Keep the mask that you like best!

Within 30 days, keep the mask that you like and send the other back to us using our prepaid shipping label.


  • With the Home Try-On, it doesn't feel like I have to gamble hundreds of dollars on masks - I know what I'm getting!

    Jimmy K CPAP User
  • Home Try-On is awesome! The mask quiz definitely helped me find my perfect mask.

    Pamela C CPAP User
  • Home Try-On is simply amazing - I don't think I'm buying my mask elsewhere now.

    Amanda L CPAP User
  • This is a safe and convenient way to purchase a CPAP mask. No regrets.

    Imran C CPAP User

Additional Details

  • Time Frame: Try the two masks for 30 days (starts when you receive your order.)
  • Shipping: Keep the mask that you like and send the other one back (prepaid postage already in box… FREE Shipping both ways!)
  • Cost: You only pay for the higher priced mask, but if you choose to keep the less expensive mask, you get a refund for the price difference!

Get started with our Mask Home Try-On now.

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