Mask Home Try-On Quiz

Helps us find your perfect CPAP mask

What is the Mask Home Try-On Quiz?

For You

It is a series of questions we ask to determine the perfect mask for you with our algorithms and mask specialist.

For Us

It is a quiz that we ask you to take before you buy the Mask Home Try-On Kit so we can better recommend masks.

Why Should I Take The Quiz?

Better Decision

With our superb algorithms and mask specialist, we will assist you in finding your perfect mask.

Home Try-On

To purchase a Mask Home Try-On Kit, we require you to take the quiz.

To start…

quiz for perfect mask

Take our mask quiz and our algorithms and mask specialist will further help you find your perfect mask.

What Comes After?

The Mask Home Try-On Kit, Of Course!

How it works

1. Take The Mask Quiz

Let our algorithms and mask specialist find your perfect mask.

2. Choose 2 Masks

After talking to our specialist, purchase the Home Try-On Kit and choose 2 masks on our website.

3. Try Them On

We will send the masks to your home. Try them on for 30 days and decide for yourself which one you want.

4. Return Unwanted Mask

After making your decision, simply return the mask you don’t want.

compare for yourself

Mask A vs. Mask B

There are numerous combinations of mask models, types, and sizes - let us increase your chance of finding your perfect mask two-fold.


  • With the Home Try-On, it doesn't feel like I have to gamble hundreds of dollars on masks - I know what I'm getting!

    Jimmy K CPAP User
  • Home Try-On is awesome! The mask quiz definitely helped me find my perfect mask.

    Pamela C CPAP User
  • Home Try-On is simply amazing - I don't think I'm buying my mask elsewhere now.

    Amanda L CPAP User
  • This is a safe and convenient way to purchase a CPAP mask. No regrets.

    Imran C CPAP User

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