Obamacare and CPAP: What You Need to Know

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, was signed in 2010 and started being heavily effective in 2014.  It ensures the that people with preexisting health conditions will not be charged more or rejected by insurance companies.  This has allowed millions of more American to gain access to health insurance.

However, the question at hand remains; how does Obamacare affect CPAP users?

Obamacare and CPAP

Obamacare opens up the door for many more Americans to get health insurance that were previously denied.  Now, these people will have the opportunity to use their insurance plans to cover many medical expenses, including CPAP supplies.  Formerly, having diagnosed sleep apnea could impact both the availability and price of health insurance, as it is considered a preexisting condition.

As with most insurance plans, CPAP compliance is necessary to have insurance cover the costs of any equipment.  Insurance companies are unwilling to pay for something that is not being used.

Why Does This Matter?

Unfortunately, medical expenditures can be costly, but insurance offers potential protection from catastrophic medical expenses depending on your deductible, co-insurance rate, and out-of-pocket maximum.

Under Obamacare, anyone with a preexisting condition cannot be denied fair coverage, which greatly increase the amount of Americans with health insurance.

Now, people that did not have insurance have the ability to utilize their plan to buy durable medical equipment, including CPAP supplies.  If used correctly, your insurance plan can save significant amounts of money.  Health Sqyre has the ability to tell you whether it is more cost effective to purchase using your insurance or cash..  Sign up now if you want to save money on CPAP products!

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