SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer:

Make Your CPAP Equipment So Clean




Cleans in 5 minutes

No disassembly, no water, and no harsh or messy chemicals. Completely automated!

Destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold

Did you know that your CPAP equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs?

Dirty CPAP equipment will make you sick…


Common cleaning methods may not be good enough!


Prevent pneumonia, the flu, and other infectious diseases by thoroughly sanitizing your equipment with the SoClean 2.

  • 100% natural and safe activated oxygen is used to clean through your CPAP reservoir, hose, and mask


  • Uses the same sanitizing process found in water purification, produce handling, hotel housekeeping, and hospital sanitizing


  • Fits all popular mask types (from nasal pillow masks to full CPAP masks) and CPAP machines


  • Connects with all types of PAP equipment including CPAP, Bi-PAP, BPAP, and VPAP

SoClean 2 Go

SoClean 2 Go CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer is the world’s first portable CPAP sanitizing device, featuring the same proven sanitizing process as the trusted SoClean CPAP cleaner. SoClean 2 Go is the perfect portable companion for any travel CPAP user. With its compact design, it can easily fit anywhere – weighs just over 1 pound and measures approximately 4 x 4 x 5 inches.

“SoClean changed the CPAP experience for the better. Best investment I have made. My health has improved. It is simple to use and I am not worried about infections.”


-Ronald W.

“Cleaning my equipment now takes about 10 seconds of my time thanks to the SoClean 2 Go … This thing is a must for truckers or people who sleep away from home with CPAP device.”


-Wendell S.

SoClean will make your CPAP SO clean

So clean your CPAP with SoClean too…