CPAP Policy for Air Canada

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Air Canada’s CPAP Policy Highlights

Is advanced notification required to carry-on your CPAP?

  • Yes, you must give forty-eight (48) hours advance to bring a CPAP on the plane by calling Air Canada’s Customer Support at 888-247-2262.

Can you use your CPAP on the plane?

What models of CPAP machines are allowed on this airline?

  • Yes, if it is battery powered and with advanced notice

Does bringing your CPAP machine count as a carry-on?

  • No, battery-powered medical equipment (such as CPAP and sleep apnea devices) are allowed, in addition to your carry-on allowance.

Is a doctor’s note or prescription verification required?

  • No

Detailed Air Canada Policy

Portable Battery-Powered Medical Devices

The information below applies to you if you are travelling with a portable battery-powered medical device such as a CPAP or Personal Oxygen Concentrator.

Advance Notice and Medical Approval

If you need to use a battery-powered medical device during flight, you must contact Air Canada Reservations at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Medical approval to travel is required for some devices (e.g. ventilator).


  • No medical approval is required for customers travelling with a CPAP or BPAP machine that is required for the treatment of sleep apnea only. However, you must contact Air Canada Reservations if you plan on bringing the machine on board with you, even if you will not be using it.

Air Canada - Customer Service Information

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