Can I Buy a CPAP Without a Sleep Study?

You must do a sleep study to buy a CPAP… but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through all of the steps to getting diagnosed with sleep apnea and why they’re so important!

Why do I need a sleep study for a CPAP machine?

You cannot buy a CPAP machine on your own without a sleep study and CPAP prescription… and here’s why. CPAP devices are a class II medical device under FDA regulation which means a prescription is required to obtain one. In order to obtain a PAP Prescription you must do a sleep study and have a board certified sleep specialist physician interpret your results BEFORE you can begin CPAP therapy.

Why do I need a prescription?

Here are a couple of reasons:

• If you want to use insurance to buy a CPAP device your insurance provider will require a prescription as proof of medical necessity.

• There are different types of sleep disorders commonly categorized as sleep apnea:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA: the most common form where the throat relax too much

• Central Sleep Apnea: when your brain doesn’t send the proper signals to your muscles to control breathing

• Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome or Treatment Emergent Sleep Apnea: which occurs when someone suffers from both central and obstructive sleep apnea.

Each type may require a different type of treatment potentially in the form of a different type of machine such as Automatic (APAP), Bilevel (BiPAP or BPAP), or Fixed Pressure (CPAP). It’s essential to properly diagnose and treat your specific sleep apnea conditions with the right cpap supplies!

• Additionally, it’s imperative that a doctor sets your air pressure levels correctly. If you set your machine to low pressures or high pressures without proper health care guidance your continuous positive airway pressure will not be maintained properly.

It is dangerous to use a CPAP machine if you do not have sleep apnea. If you use a CPAP machine without it being medically necessary or at the wrong pressure setting it can cause difficulty breathing which is in some cases life threatening.

Can you do a sleep study at home?

Yes, it’s called a home sleep study! In fact, Health Sqyre has a Home Sleep Test/Prescription Package that makes it possible to get diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea safely without leaving the comfort of your bed! Once upon a time you had to go to a sleep clinic and stay overnight but our technology can effectively monitor if you snore, heart rate, oxygen levels, and other key indicators that you are high on the apnea hypopnea index. For more information on how a Home Sleep Test works, check out our blog post “How Does The Home Sleep Apnea Test Work?”!

If I think I have sleep apnea, how can I start to treat it now?

We’ll take you through the timeline of diagnosing and purchasing your CPAP equipment:

Step 1

Purchase a Home Sleep Test or talk to your Primary Care Physician about getting an in person sleep study done today.

Step 2

Once you’ve received the results of your sleep study, either your doctor, Health Sqyre, or you need to take it to a board certified sleep physician to receive an interpretation of your results.

Step 3

If the doctor deems it necessary, they will write you a prescription for either Obstructive Sleep Apnea or Central Sleep Apnea and recommend either a BiPAP, Fixed CPAP, or Auto CPAP machine at a specific pressure setting.

Step 4

Now for the fun part… visit Health Sqyre to shop for all your CPAP needs. You can find your new cpap machine, cpap mask, machine, travel machines, tubing, humidifiers, cleaning supplies, accessories, and more! There are so many different options available for masks you can take our Mask Home Try-on Quiz to find out whether a nasal pillow or full face mask is best for you!

Step 5

Get your best night’s sleep! For many people, adjusting to a PAP machine takes some time and can present some side effects. Don’t be discouraged… just like you, your body has a learning curve. If you’re concerned about something you’re experiencing don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. Otherwise there are hundreds of sleep apnea support and awareness groups, programs, and resources you can find locally and online! Once you find your groove, treating your sleep apnea will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your quality of sleep and quality of life!

Get tested in the comfort of your home.

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