Best CPAP Cleaners: How to Keep Your Mask and Machine Clean in 2020

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What are the latest and best CPAP cleaning devices this year? From ResMed to Respironics and all CPAP machines in between, having a cpap machine sanitizer and mask cleaner are of the utmost importance… so here’s some of the best CPAP cleaners on the market and reasons why disinfection is so important!

Do I really need to clean my CPAP?

Not only should you be regularly cleaning your CPAP machine, but you should also be sanitizing your mask, tubing, and humidifier! Here’s why…

1. Keep your CPAP device functioning properly: no matter if you use an APAP, BiPAP, or CPAP machine you must clean it thoroughly and regularly. Otherwise, it may shorten the lifespan of your machine!

2. Protect yourself from illness as diligently as you can. CPAP hoses, cpap tubes, water chambers, heated hoses, humidifiers, and cpap masks are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and viruses so it’s always important for your health to make sure you’re disinfecting both of these things

3. Keep your skin squeaky clean and glowing: clear skin doesn’t discriminate: whether you have obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea without cleaning your mask oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other toxins can build up over time on the surfaces of your mask that come into contact with your skin. In order to prevent this buildup from irritating your face, you need to disinfect the surface of your mask regularly!

What are the ways I should be cleaning my CPAP equipment?

FrequencyWhat should I clean?Our Recommendations
Every DayMask & Headgear

No matter what kind of mask and headgear you use it is essential to clean the surface daily to avoid bacteria buildup and oily surfaces. Left untouched both these substances can cause breakouts and poor dermatological health!

CPAP Cleaning Wipes

A quick and inexpensive way to sanitize your mask and accessories with just one easy step!

CPAP Cleaning Solution

This requires a bit more work on your end but will be the cheapest way to clean daily because you can buy a bottle of solution for a small cost but a long time!


Once a Week


Tubing or Hoses

Your CPAP tubing or hoses are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold which thrives in moist environments. Given that this is the passageway from the machine to your lungs it’s essential to keep it squeaky clean!

Machine & Humidifier

This one is plain and simple lots of gross viruses, bacteria, dirt, and mold can build up in this thing without regular cleaning and this can shorten the lifespan of your machine… so make sure the lifeblood of your CPAP operation is doing it’s best work!


Although daily surface cleaning is important to keep your skin as glowing as your CPAP it’s important to disassemble the mask and use something a bit more intense to clean weekly.


CPAP Automatic Cleaning Machines

While these devices may cost you a bit more than your dish-soap and rag they take the hassle, mess, and stress out of cleaning all of the aforementioned CPAP parts! They often have UV or Ozone technology which will automatically kill 99.9% of anything bad that could be harmful to your health and leaves it sparkling with just the touch of a button… so make sure to invest in this, it will BE WORTH IT!

Best CPAP Cleaning Products of 2020

Daily Cleaning Products

Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes

$11.95• Disposable
• Safe
• Gentle on your skin.
• Proven to be safe for all CPAP products.
• Easy to use!
DreamPrep’s Witch Hazel Facial Pads

$15.00• Witch Hazel is an excellent solution for skin.
• Removes Makeup
• Great for long term use.
• Easy to use!
• Disposable

Weekly Cleaning Products

So Clean 2

$348.00• Small carbon footprint.
• New sleek design.
• High level technology.
• Easy filter-cartridge system.
• Shuts off automatically.Also included…
•Filter cartridge, check valve assembly, AC power supply with cord, Pre-wash, User manual for SoClean 2, 2 year warranty
VirtuClean 2.0

$279.00• New sleek design.
• Small size.
• Highly portable.
• High level technology.
• Uses ozone cleaners.
• Long lasting battery.Also included…
• USB charger, 2 year warranty, AC adapter, Travel sanitizing bag, User manual for VirtuClean CPAP cleaner
Lumin CPAP Cleaner

$249.00• No scheduled replacement parts.
• UV light sanitation
• Rapid 5 minute cycle.
• Non-CPAP item sanitation capabilities such as: toothbrushes, dentures, hearing aids, retainers…
• One of the safest cleaning devices on the market.Also included…
• UVC light bulb, 2 year warranty, Easy access tray*UVC light bulb is intended to last the lifetime of the Lumin.

* For most machines you need to get a machine specific adapter to connect the cleaning device to the humidifier chamber to clean a humidifier add-on to the machine: those can be found here.

Why should I invest in a cleaning machine?

Although buying a cleaning device is an investment… it’s one that will be sure to pay off. Using warm water, mask wipes, or a toothbrush and dish soap will keep your mask clean enough night-to-night, but you need to do a thorough cleaning regularly to ensure your device keeps you healthy. Plus, sanitizing machines are much less time-consuming than hand cleaning. While the machines are an investment, you’ll get a great return with regular cleaning in the increased lifetime and health benefits of a CPAP cleaner!

Keep your CPAP supplies squeaky-clean.

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