Should You Get a Cheap or an Expensive CPAP Machine?

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How much should I spend on my CPAP machine?

Making the proper CPAP machine selection is crucial for successful therapy. There are several manufacturers developing machines that range from low to high cost. Since the cost of the machine will be a factor most consider, let’s discuss the difference between low cost and high cost machines.

Do I buy the cheapest CPAP machine?

If the CPAP machine has all the features that you are going to need for successful therapy, this could be the right choice for you. But, if price is your sole determining factor, you will need to review why the price is so low.

Used/second hand machines are the least expensive way to buy a cheap CPAP machine. If you are just looking to have a backup or use it for travel, this might not be a bad idea. But, CPAP machines are designed to last around 5 years and you might be buying a machine with not much life left on it. You will also not likely have any type of warranty or customer support from the manufacturer.

Discontinued machines are heavily discounted or advertised in the clearance section to eliminate the manufacturer’s or supplier’s inventory. Buying this machine is a great way for the CPAP user to save money on a new machine. However, many of the most modern CPAP machines will have removal pieces and these pieces are the most common components of the machine that need to be replaced. The water chamber and hose may need replacement just as often. You will need to ensure the discontinued machine will have these replacement pieces available to you during the 5 year reasonable useful lifetime (RUL) period.

So, do I buy the more expensive CPAP machine?

ResMed and Philips Respironics are the two leading CPAP manufacturers in today’s market. Their reputations are anchored by offering high quality machines and accessories, but not at a discounted price. One of the reasons why you would purchase from one of them is their CPAP machines have a lot to do with the technology built into them. They are both industry leaders in healthcare informatics, with software solutions that enable patients and medical professionals to wirelessly monitor sleep data.

ResMed’s AirSense 10 AutoSet uses an algorithm that works to automatically adjust to each user’s therapy pressure as their needs change – hourly, nightly, and from season to season – to deliver the patient’s ideal, lowest therapy pressure. It is one of the most clinically published in the field of sleep-disordered breathing.

In addition, these highly rated CPAP manufacturers have 2-3 year product warranties and excellent customer support. CPAP machine features have a price and you need to decide which ones you need for successful CPAP therapy. You can take our quiz, Find the Right CPAP Machine, to help in your selection. And, if you want read about all our pro tips, you can also download our Ultimate Guide to Buying a CPAP Machine.

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