CPAP Mask Sizing Guide

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It is very important for you to pick the right CPAP mask size for your therapy. If the mask is too small, you may experience red marks or irritation where the mask makes contact with your face. If it’s too large, you may experience leakages - which can lead to discomfort and even eye infections, if not treated properly. This CPAP mask sizing guide will run you through all you need to know about choosing the right sized CPAP mask, from beginning to finish. After reading this, you will have a perfect-fitting mask in no time!

Picking a mask

If you’re unsure about what type of mask is right for you, you can:

1. Take our Mask Finder Quiz - at the end of the short and easy quiz, we’ll give you a personalized mask recommendation.

2. Read our blog on the different types of masks, which point out the differences between full face, nasal, and nasal pillow mask.

3. Read our Best CPAP Masks of 2017, where we review and compare the best, most popular masks in detail.

4. Have a look at our CPAP Mask comparison chart, which compares those masks more concisely and clearly.


Choosing the Right Size

Here is a list of sizing guides for most of the CPAP masks on the market. You can print these out and put it against your face to get an accurate estimation of which size is best for you!

Note that we don’t have a sizing guide for nasal pillow masks, as that depends on the size of the user’s nostrils, and you can usually get a fit pack that comes with various nasal pillow sizes.

If the mask you are looking for isn’t on this list, chat to us, and we’ll try to find the guide for you. Just click any of the tabs below and start browsing!

Printable CPAP Mask Sizing Guides:

Small/Wide Faces

Here is a chart showing whether the CPAP masks listed in the Best CPAP Masks of 2017 page are suitable for small and wide faces or not:

MaskSuitable for Small Face?Suitable for Wide Face?
AirTouch F20 Full FaceNoNo
Simplus Full FaceNoNo
ComfortGel Full FaceNoNo
Dreamwear NasalNoYes
AirFit N20NoNo
ComfortGel NasalYesNo
Dreamwear Gel Nasal PillowNoNo
Opus 360 Nasal PillowYesYes
AirFit P10 Nasal PillowNoNo

CPAP Mask Fitting

After getting hold of your mask, you need to check to make sure it fits correctly. Lay in bed as you would in any other evening/night. With your head on the pillow, gently pull the headstraps until it is comfortable and there are no leaks - it may take a few tries to get it!

If you still have trouble fitting your mask, check the mask user guide for the complete fitting instructions, or talk to your physician or medical equipment supplier.


Hopefully, you’re able to pick a mask that fits you correctly and feels comfortable! Check out our other CPAP Mask blogs for more information, or chat us if you have any questions!

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