Traveling by Bus with Your CPAP

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No matter where you are traveling, it’s important to get quality sleep.

Traveling via bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel. When traveling for hours by bus with your CPAP, here is a list of what Health Sqyre thinks you should keep in mind:

  1. Travel with a travel-friendly CPAP machine
  2. Contact your travel carrier
  3. Always bring your documents
  4. Bring necessary accessories
  5. Your Bus Guidelines

Travel CPAP Machine

When traveling, you always want to pack light for your convenience. Lugging around a heavy CPAP machine can be a pain, and not bothering to even bring your CPAP machine and deciding to skip therapy is a definite no-no.

A light, compact travel CPAP machine is a great way to easily carry around your therapy device anywhere you go and continue therapy everywhere you are.

Check out this list if you don’t have a travel-friendly CPAP machine yet: Best Travel CPAP Machines.

Contact your Bus Company

Each transportation company has their own regulations and rules concerning what you can carry. Prior to your travel date (several days in advance), call the bus company you are traveling with and ask about their regulations concerning the use of CPAP on the transportation.


Wherever and however you travel, it’s always a good preparation to bring a letter of medical necessity from your doctor.

Ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription for CPAP and other necessary parts (heated humidifier, mask, filters, and tubing). Keep the prescription in your wallet or CPAP travel bag. Emergency, such as needing to buy any equipment that might be damaged or stolen while traveling, may come up, so it’s always recommended to stay prepared.

Ask your doctor to provide a letter of medical necessity. This is important to have for usage of CPAP machine during travel.

Packing Reminders

Some buses have electrical outlets for charging your machine. In this case, you will need to book in advance to reserve these limited seats.

In case the bus company can’t provide you with an outlet, bring your own battery.

Bring a bottle of distilled water for your humidifier.

It’s also a good idea to bring a 12-foot extension cord when you travel to ensure that you can plug your machine while you sleep.

Bus Guidelines Regarding CPAP Use

Greyhound, one of the largest bus carriers in the country, suggests that you keep your medicine with you on the bus at all times. They recommend to not put it in your checked baggage because they can’t take any responsibility in case it gets lost or is not accessible for you when you need it.

Their carry-on allowance is up to 25lbs, and it must fit in the overhead compartment or under seat in front.

For checked baggage, you can have up to two bags, 50lbs max each, and it must be a maximum of 62 inches length, width, and height added together.

Keep all of this in mind when thinking about how to pack!

Bring your CPAP with you when traveling and have a restful sleep on the bus!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your CPAP for all the pro tips.

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