How to Find the Best CPAP Doctors

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If you are new to sleep apnea or concerned that you may have some OSA symptoms, you may be in need of trustworthy physician to consult or to help guide you through the process. They can outline the potential treatment plans and course of action to take to help get treatment. Within the medical world, there are three types of doctors that will have seen plenty of other sleep apnea patients.

Types of CPAP Doctors

  • General Practitioner / Generalist


  • Pulmonologist


  • Sleep Doctor

General Practitioner / Generalist

A general practitioner (GP) or generalist is a medical physician that has been trained to treat and to manage a wide variety of different ailments that may be seen at a hospital. While they do not usually perform invasive procedures, they are more than qualified to diagnose sleep apnea in patients showing potential symptoms.

general practitioner


Respiratory Therapist

A pulmonologist is someone who specializes in respiratory healthcare. Due to the complexity of this specialization, pulmonologists treat anything from asthma to emphysema to obstrustive sleep apnea (OSA). Certified pulmonologists are medically approved to perform OSA diagnostic tests, such as sleep studies.

Sleep Doctor

A sleep doctor, or somnologist, is a medical professional that specializes in issues related to sleep, sleep disorders, and sleep health. Sleep doctors treat a range of sleep disorders including insomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is one of the most common issues that sleep doctors see, so they are experienced in this area.

How to Find an In-Network Doctor

Now that you have identified the type(s) of physician you want to consult, it is most cost efficient to find a doctor that is in-network with your insurance company. If you are unsure what this means, we have created an in-depth In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Guide to help! For a very brief explanation, insurance companies will sign contracts with doctors / hospitals / health systems that will make them cheaper to use for their patients than medical entities that are out-of-network from your insurance.

In order to find out what doctors are in-network with your insurance, you have a couple of options.

- Use a Website Designed to Find INN Doctors

Using one of these websites to find a INN doctor near you is both free and effective!

- Log On to Your Insurance Companies Portal

Every insurance company will have a member log in page that allows you to find any potential INN doctors that suit your needs!

Sleep Apnea Symptom Quiz

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