How to Get Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

How to Get Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea Online

About 80% of people with moderate to severe sleep apnea go undiagnosed. This condition causes a patient to stop breathing for short intervals during sleep due to blocked airflow. If you think you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), there are many ways to test your suspicion. Common methods include finding a sleep apnea doctor near you, contacting your health care provider, consult a sleep specialist, or simply getting diagnosed online!

Top SIgns of Sleep Apnea

Take this quiz to see if you might have sleep apnea.

You could also check out our list of 13 sleep apnea symptoms to determine whether you should get tested…

Why should I get an OSA diagnosis online?

Undiagnosed sleep apnea is a serious concern!

undiagnosed sleep apnea

If you are worried about your potential sleep apnea symptoms, an online diagnosis may be the best option!

An online diagnosis goes through a few simple steps:

1) Order a home sleep test (HST): purchase an HST online here, sold and processed by the ADSI (Advanced Diagnostic Solutions Inc.).

2) Conduct a sleep study: Begin your test at your regular sleep time, in the comfort of your own bed. But bear in mind, on the day of your test, try to follow your daily routine, avoid napping, and avoid post-lunch caffeine. If you believe your sleeping patterns were atypical in that day, you could take another test. You typically have 5 days to complete the test.

Check out this blog for a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a sleep study.

3) Sending the results back for interpretation: Once you’ve completed the test, use the prepaid shipping label to return the device.

This method of sleep testing is…

Convenient - Tested in the comfort of your own home - No doctor’s offices or sleep labs

Economical - Our package is just $299.99 compared to an average cost of $3,388.50 getting tested at a sleep lab

Accurate - Clear diagnosis and effective reports that meet AASM and CMS definitions for hypopnea scoring guidelines

Easy to Use - Phone support / Test Complete light lets you know when the evaluation has concluded

What is a home sleep test?

Regardless of which route you go for, it ultimately leads to an overnight sleep study. This is typically done in a sleep center, which requires the patient to spend the night in-lab as the polysomnography (PSG) equipment records physiological data. The polysomnogram will intricately measure your blood oxygen levels, brain waves, leg movements, eye movements, heart rate, etc. But now, this can be performed at home without a technologist. It is called a home sleep test (HST) or a home sleep apnea test.

When you conduct a home sleep apnea test, you reduce the first-night uncertainties of going to a lab. Thus, the device will track a more daily and accurate set of information.

home sleep test

Can I Test Myself for Sleep Apnea?

While the process is largely self-conducted, your test results will ultimately be reviewed and analyzed by a U.S. Board Certified Sleep Medicine Doctor. They will provide a written interpretation of the results and hand back a diagnosis and AHI (apnea-hypopnea index) pressure setting within 2 business days of receiving the sleep device.

What’s Next? Prescription? CPAP Supplies?

If you receive a positive obstructive sleep apnea (not to be confused with central sleep apnea) diagnosis, there are many lifestyle changes you can make on your own to combat this sleep disorder, especially for mild to moderate symptoms. For instance, weight loss, a consistent sleep schedule, a humidifier, and oral appliances can all improve your quality of life and reduce risk factors for sleep apnea.

However, they should not replace medical evaluation from a sleep clinic and professional treatment options.

Luckily, you could easily get a prescription for CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) supplies online, or even purchase it with the HST as a package.

After receiving a CPAP prescription, it’s time to choose products tailored for your sleep apnea treatment. Health Sqyre will assist you in identifying the best CPAP suppliers to purchase your CPAP therapy products. With your diagnosis, prescription, and product all covered, we are dedicated to providing the most soothing telemedicine experience.

Get tested in the comfort of your own home!

If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team via email, chat, or phone via 720-507-7718.

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