How to Take the Home Sleep Apnea Test

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Congratulations! You just received your Home Sleep Apnea Test package, which means you are one closer to comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Need help setting up the Home Sleep Test Machine? Look no further!

1. Open your package

Your package should include:

  • ApneaLink Air Recorder
  • Velcro Belt
  • Effort Sensor
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Nasal Cannula

The ApneaLink Air Recorder and the Effort Sensor should be attached to the belt already. Check that this is the case.

2. Attach the Nasal Cannula

Place the prongs of the Nasal Cannula into your nostrils.

Loop the Cannula tubing behind your ears and tighten the toggle under your chin. Adjust to ensure that the tubing is comfortable.

Insert the end of the Nasal Cannula tube into the Recorder. Turn it clockwise to secure it.

3. Attach the Pulse Oximeter

Put either finger in the sensor. If using a disposable sensor, switch the adhesive on and wrap it around your finger.

Insert the Oximeter tube into the Recorder.

4. Secure the device

Use the tape provided to secure the tubes on your hand and your cheeks.


5. Turn the device on

Press the power button located on the centre of the machine. After a few seconds, the smaller lights on the sides of the machines will illuminate. If any of the lights blink red, then check that the accessory attached to that port is placed correctly.

When all the lights are green, you are ready to go! Tuck in for a good night’s sleep 🙂

6. Send the device back to us

When you wake up, turn the recorder off by pressing the power button for three seconds.

Check the test complete light. If the light is green, you have successfully completed the Home Sleep Apnea Test! Press the power button again until the test complete light turns off. Send the device back to us for free with the prepaid return label.

If the test complete light is red, contact us.

7. Review your results

A U.S. board-certified sleep doctor will review and analyze your test results within 24 hours. We will then send you a written interpretation of the results.

If you purchase the Home Sleep Apnea Test Package, you can get a CPAP or Oral Appliance therapy prescription written by our board-certified physician without leaving your home! You can also take the results to your doctor for review.

8. Choose your products

Health Sqyre has all your CPAP needs covered! We will assist you in identifying the best CPAP suppliers to purchase your CPAP therapy products.

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