Why Physicians work with Health Sqyre

As a sleep physician, your goal is to provide your patients with specialized treatment and guidance to ensure they receive restful, rejuvenating sleep as quickly as possible. However, a patient’s path to restful sleep often extends beyond their initial diagnosis.

After leaving your office with a prescription, patients must buy the correct supplies, navigate the complicated requirements for insurance, and lastly commit to adhere to their prescribed treatment plan. With complicated formalities and many different treatment options, a patient’s path to restful sleep can quickly fill with dead ends and tricky turns. With many patients, managing these specialized paths can be a daunting task - especially to those who are new to CPAP therapy. Do not worry though - Health Sqyre is here to help with all things sleep apnea and CPAP!

How Does Health Sqyre Help Physicians?

From renewing CPAP prescriptions to administering home sleep tests, we will coordinate all aspects of your patient’s sleep apnea treatment process. Just as medieval squires dutifully served their knights, we are committed to ensuring your patients receive safe and effective therapy for their sleep apnea. Send your patients to Health Sqyre, we’ll handle the rest.

1. Full Service CPAP Partner

From providing educational resources and CPAP tips to managing the documentation requirements for insurance, at Health Sqyre we pride ourselves on exceptional service.

When you refer your patients to Health Sqyre, our sleep experts will take over managing all post-diagnosis communication. We will help onboard your patient, notify them when it’s time to resupply their PAP equipment, send troubleshooting tips for PAP machines, and coordinate all insurance communications. No more worrying about missed emails or phone calls - send them our way!

2. Skip the Paperwork!

Documentation is one of the most time-consuming and logistically challenging parts of healthcare and insurance. Our customer service team has got you covered!

Our team of sleep experts know exactly what insurance documentation is required for all sleep apnea therapy equipment (PAP machines, masks, tubing, cleaning devices, etc). Doctors notes, test results, prior authorizations and more - we will coordinate every step of the documentation process!

Everything was taken care of with my insurance – coverage, paperwork, etc… My mind is blown at how easy they made this!

David S., CPAP User

3. Relationship Built on Trust

At Health Sqyre we value transparency, honesty, and trust. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and LegitScript certified. We have hand-selected only the most trusted sellers with the highest-quality CPAP equipment. We promise quality care and a seamless shopping experience for your patients.

Health Sqyre was great to work with. Made the patient care process smooth – my patient was very satisfied with their services.

Dr. Walter, Physician MD

How Does Health Sqyre Help Patients?

At Health Sqyre, we take a patient-centered approach to every step of our support process. The patient and their wellbeing always comes first. Referring your patients to Health Sqyre makes the process of acquiring CPAP equipment fast, affordable, and easy for your patients.

1. One-Stop Marketplace

CPAP supplies are typically sold by durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers. Very few DME suppliers have online platforms. Thus, purchasing CPAP supplies often requires in-person appointments at brick and mortar stores.

Health Sqyre seeks to disrupt this inefficient, dated method of consumption. Our platform is an e-commerce marketplace where patients can browse and purchase CPAP supplies from the comfort of their homes. This process is quick and easy- No trips to the local DME supplier or appointments necessary. We have partnered with trusted sellers from across the country to provide patients with a one-stop marketplace for all of their CPAP therapy needs.

In a couple clicks, we’ll make personalized CPAP masks, machines, tubing, and accessory recommendations for your patient based on their lifestyle needs. A couple more clicks and their CPAP supplies will be delivered right to their doorstep. We promise quick turnaround - our average arrival time for orders is 2.5 days!

2. Transparent Insurance Pricing

One of the main reasons patients might not seek treatment or adhere to their prescribed treatment plan is PRICE. Medical equipment, especially durable medical equipment, is expensive.

At Health Sqyre, we understand the importance of restful sleep. More importantly, we recognize that restful sleep should not be complicated or expensive. Our insurance pricing algorithm makes shopping with insurance simple and easy - ensuring your patients get the best price for their CPAP supplies:

a) After signing up with Health Sqyre, patients have the option to link their insurance information.

b) After linking their insurance, modified prices, specific to the patient’s insurance plan, will appear on all of Health Sqyre’s insurance-eligible products.

c) Our transparent pricing system makes it easy for patients to decide if insurance or cash is the most affordable way to purchase their CPAP supplies.

If any of your patients are concerned about the high prices and figuring out the best option with their insurance, direct them our way!

3. Personalized Therapy Options

If your patients do not have the appropriate mask, machine, or cleaner, CPAP therapy can be difficult and disruptive. However, differentiating between all of the different machine, mask, and cleaner models is confusing. How is a patient supposed to know which machine, mask, or machine is right for their sleep apnea?

One of the many benefits of our platform is our personalized machine, mask, and cleaner AI recommendation system. If a patient is unsure about how to select the right CPAP supplies for their specific sleep apnea symptoms, we will help them based on their budget, preferences, and lifestyle needs! For more information about our recommendation process, please visit our mask & machine finder page.

With no additional costs and full-service CPAP guidance and support, we want what is best for both you and your patients. Let’s work together to provide patients with affordable, effective sleep apnea therapy as quickly as possible.

Want to partner with Health Sqyre? We would love to work with you!

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