Home Try-On

What is the HTO?
Health Sqyre offers Mask Home Try-On (HTO) so that you can try any two masks for at home for up to 30 days. Using HTO will allow you to avoid common problems and ensure that your mask fits comfortably for a good night's sleep!

How does HTO work?
HTO is done in three easy steps:
(1) Answer a few simple questions and our mask specialists will create personalized accommodations with the Health Sqyre Mask Quiz.
(2) Purchase the Mask Home Try-On, tell us which two masks you want and we'll ship them to you for free!
(3) After the 30-day trail you can keep the mask you like best and send the other back with a prepaid shipping label we'll include. 
For more information visit Health Sqyre Mask Try-On and get the best fit for the best sleep!

Can I get help choosing a mask?

By taking the Health Sqyre Mask Quiz our algorithms and mask experts will suggest the best mask for your needs! If you have further questions please contact helpscout@healthsqyre.com.

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