What to Consider When Choosing Your CPAP Machine

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CPAP therapy can treat your sleep apnea, but it can other be bothersome in some ways. This blog is to help you avoid common complaints about CPAP machines from users and to help you consider important factors when choosing a CPAP machine. Check out the mask version of the Things to Consider/Most Common Complaints blog post.

1. Design

Some CPAP machines look bulky and some newer models look sleek. Although design is not be as important as functionality, it may still be something you want to consider. You would rather have a pretty looking CPAP machine by your bedside than a bulky-looking one, right?

DreamStation Pro with DreamMapper data tracking app

2. Features

This is one of the more important things you should consider when looking for a CPAP machine. Features provide options that cater to the user’s needs and can make your therapy more convenient and comfortable. Here are some of the features you should consider:

  • Auto Algorithm – Is it an auto CPAP? Auto CPAPs automatically adjust the airway pressure.
  • Pressure relief - makes it easier for the user to exhale by reducing the pressure
  • Ramp – gradually increases the pressure to what is prescribed, making it more comfortable for the user to breathe
  • Humidifier – does it have an integrated humidifier or do you need to buy it separately? Is it heated? Heated humidifiers help minimize rainout.
  • Portability – is it light and small enough to be travel-friendly? This is an important factor if you travel frequently. It’s much more convenient to have a CPAP for home and another for travel purposes.
  • Mask On/Off Alert – Some users are active sleepers, moving around quite a lot during sleep. This feature will alert the user if the mask comes off or loses the seal.
  • Leak Compensation – Compensates leaking mask by increasing the airflow to make sure that the user is still getting the prescribed pressure
  • Screen – Is the screen LCD and in color? This feature is not too important of a feature to have, but having an advanced screen can make it easier to navigate the menu and customize your settings.
  • Data Recording – An important feature to track and report usage. Some CPAP machines record basic data, such as how long you were asleep for, whereas other advanced CPAP machines track AHI, changes in pressure, leak rates, etc. There are also various ways for the data to be stored (smart card, attachable modem, wireless-enabled), and certain data trackers have wireless data transfers, allowing your physician or provider to automatically get updates and remotely be able to make adjustments to the machine settings for therapy purposes.

3. Performance

This is another important thing you should consider; does it work well? Does it perform as well as it claims to? The lack of machine performance can be attributed to two things – if you are using it correctly and maximizing its capabilities or that the machine is not the right one for you (it may not be a good machine with certain features that you need)

philips respironics dreamstation go travel camping image - Health Sqyre
DreamStation Go Travel

4. Power

How is the battery life? This relates to the portability feature in that if you are a frequent traveler/camper, you should look into machines with overnight batteries (for when you are off the grid) or long-lasting charge. Also, does it have an option to use a portable battery? Does it come with multiple plug-in adapters, such as a DC power supply?

5. Sound Level

This is the most common complaint among users. Although most CPAP machines on the market have a sound level of less than or around 30dbA, which is about the sound of a whisper, this is an important factor to consider, especially if you are a sensitive sleeper.

Every Health Sqyre product review has Design, Features, Performance, Power, and Sound Level ratings, which will help you get a sense of what the machines you’re considering is like.

Keep above factors in mind when choosing the right CPAP machine for yourself. Your comfort in experience and responsibility in mind come first, so that you can stay compliant in your therapy and avoid the potential life-threatening dangers of untreated sleep apnea.

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