What CPAP Products are Not Covered by Insurance

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Most insurance companies will follow the Medicare schedule of reimbursement when deciding which CPAP supplies to cover and which to not. As a result, the categories of CPAP products that do not have HCPCS codes are not covered by a majority of insurance companies. This group of products includes products that are considered “non-essential” to CPAP therapy by the insurance companies.

Most insurance providers do not cover the following CPAP supply product categories:

  • Cleaning Supplies: SoClean CPAP Sanitizer, Mask Wipes, etc.
  • Power Supplies: CPAP Power Cords and Batteries
SoClean CPAP Cleaner
white philips respironics travel battery kit - Health Sqyre
AirMini Travel CPAP

Health Sqyre will tell you which products are covered and which are not customized with your insurance all in real-time.

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