Everything You Need to Know About CPAP Prescription

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Understanding medical documents can be difficult. With confusing language and a myriad of policies surrounding them, they are notorious for confounding people - and CPAP prescription is no exception. That is why Health Sqyre decided to write this blog post on everything you need to know about CPAP prescription.

So, here it is.

Everything You Need to Know About CPAP Prescription

Is a prescription needed for CPAP supplies?

A valid prescription is required for any purchase of a CPAP machine, mask, or humidifier.

Why is a prescription needed for CPAP supplies?

By the Food and Drug Adminisitration, CPAP supplies are classified as Type II medical devices with potential risks. For your own safety, you need to have a CPAP prescription for CPAP therapy.

How often do I need a prescription for CPAP supplies?

Often times, prescriptions are written for “Lifetime Need” or “99 Months” which means you can purchase the prescribed equipment as often as needed.

Otherwise, a prescription can note a number of refills or an expiration date. In case of the former, the prescription is valid for purchase of the specified product the referenced number of times. In the latter, it is valid through the listed date.

We, at Health Sqyre, will be happy to review your prescription for you. Feel free to chat, e-mail, or call us at Health Sqyre!

If I pay in cash do I need a prescription? What if I pay with insurance?

Regardless of your means of purchase, purchases of CPAP machine, mask, or humidifier require a valid prescription.

How do I get a prescription for CPAP supplies?

If you already have a sleep apnea doctor, you can contact your doctor for a prescription. Alternatively, if you give us contacts to your doctor, we will reach out and get your CPAP prescription from him/her.

If you don’t have a sleep apnea doctor or the doctor doesn’t have a CPAP prescription ready for you, don’t worry! Health Sqyre can provide the one and only CPAP RX Prescription Package that offers real time service with a Board Certified Doctor, on demand. It is easy, fast, convenient, and affordable! You don’t even have to leave your home!

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