CPAP Policy for JetBlue Airways

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CPAP Policy Highlights for JetBlue Airways

Is advanced notification required to carry-on your CPAP?

  • No, Alaska Airlines no longer requires advanced notice

What models of CPAP machines are allowed on this airline?

Can you use your CPAP on the plane?

  • Yes

Does bringing your CPAP machine count as a carry-on?

  • No, your CPAP machine may be brought onboard without counting toward your carry-on limit.

Is a doctor’s note or prescription verification required?

  • No

Detailed CPAP Policy for JetBlue Airways

What is an assistive device?

Assistive device means any piece of equipment that assists a customer with a disability to cope with the effects of his or her disability. Such devices are intended to assist a customer with a disability to hear, see, communicate, maneuver, or perform other functions of daily life, and may include medical devices and medications.

Assistive and special devices as carry-on or checked baggage

There’s no limit to the amount of assistive devices you can bring onboard the aircraft. Assistive devices will not be considered as part of the carry-on or checked baggage limit; however, they are subject to carry-on size and weight restrictions.


Assistive devices include (but are not limited to):


  • Car seats
  • Crutches
  • Cane
  • Child carriers/backpack carriers
  • Walker
  • Braces/Prosthesis
  • Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Strollers
  • Breast pump
  • POC and CPAP machines


Most assistive devices will fit in the overhead bins. If not, we can gate-check it, and it will be one of the first items brought to the jetbridge. You may also request to pick it up at baggage claim.


JetBlue will accept assistive devices with batteries as checked baggage as well as onboard the cabin. Assistive devices with batteries include respirators, CPAP machines, portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and ventilators. JetBlue will allow qualified individuals with a disability who are using personal respirators/ventilators to bring their equipment, including non-spillable batteries onboard the aircraft.


*Note: Batteries used for assistive devices are required to be non-spillable and the outer packaging must be plainly and durably marked “NONSPILLABLE” or “NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY”, or completely enclosed in a case. If a battery is not labeled non-spillable or completely enclosed in a case, crewmembers must treat the battery as a spillable battery. Crewmembers will apply the acceptance procedures for spillable batteries as required under the FAA safety regulations.

JetBlue Airways - Customer Service Information

1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583)

JetBlue Airways’ Customer Service Page

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