Mini CPAP: Buy, Pros, Cons

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Mini CPAPs: Where to get them, Pros and Cons


With the increasing recognition and diagnosis of sleep apnea over the past decade, CPAP manufactures have been inspired to innovate their products to facilitate the lives of their more diverse and active consumer base.


They know you don’t want to pack pounds of bulky CPAP materials in your carry-on for your flight, or for your more mobile activities. The Mini CPAP, alternatively called “Travel CPAP,” is one of the industry’s solutions for people on-the-go.

Benefits of the mini CPAP


  • Long-Distance Travel (portable)
  • Light weight
  • Camping friendly
  • Easy packing
  • Charging Flexibility


Manufacturers have worked rapidly to create these portable CPAP machines, creating devices that have weighed in at less than a pound.


The listed features make Mini CPAPs fantastic for long distance travel or for mobile foot activities. Their small sizes, comparable to car keys in some instances, along with their fantastic durability, allow you to do these activities with a peace of mind.


Manufactured for the traveling experience, the chargers that come with these devices are very adaptable. They can be plugged into areas from car cigarette lighters to airplane charge ports. For camping, solar adapters can be ordered to insure battery life for multi-night usage.

Limitations of the Mini CPAP


  • Faster Battery Life
  • More Noise (air)
  • Larger Solar Unit


Being a smaller unit, the Mini CPAP’s battery life could be a concern if used multiple nights in a row. If this is the case, having the solar charged adapter, which can be on the larger side, or just having extra batteries, may be suggested.


The smaller size also holds unique implications for the way the air is pressurized and emitted for the user. A mini CPAP may tend to provide lower amounts of air pressure than its nightstand model counterparts because of its relative lack of power. It may also emit slightly more noise while performing its tasks as a result.


Mini CPAPs remain very popular regardless of these features, meaning that the convenience outweighs the costs for many users.

Factors to Consider in Selecting mini CPAPs and Optional Accessories


  • Is this for camping or traveling? (airplane, car)
  • Is this just a back-up?
  • Are you traveling during the day or night?


Given the short battery life and expenses of mini CPAP accessories, knowing when you will be traveling, how you will do so (foot, plane, or staying at home), and what conditions you will be dealing with during your trip, will both optimize your experience, and limit the costs you accrue in buying these products.


For those buying this product as a backup, ordering the extra solar battery accessories and energy storage kits may not be necessary. For those who will not be using the mini CPAP during the day at their foreign destinations, buying accessories may be unnecessary once again, as they can charge the mini CPAP while away from it.


Traveling into locations that are further away from electrical ports starts the conversation for energy saving accessories. For longer outdoors and camping activities that require over night stays with little access to tech, the same precautions are advised either through the use of accessories or extra batteries.

Best Travel Machines Provided by Health Sqyre

mini cpap

Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

  • This is the world’s lightest auto-cpap machine. With its optional PowerShell battery accessory, the Z1 can get up to 8 hours of cordless performance, making it a great travel companion.
  • Click to read our full Health Sqyre Review of this product
  • Buy it here online

mini cpap

Somnetics Transcend Auto mini CPAP

  • With five adjustable heat settings, powerful and optional solar and DC mobile charge features, and a 13 month data tracking system that adjusts performance for optimal pressure delivery, the Somnetics Transcend is a favorite.
  • Click to see our Health Sqyre Review of this product
  • Buy it here online

mini cpap

ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine

  • With its waterless mobile humidification system, Ramp sleep assistant feature, and Bluetooth connectivity for easy control of the AirMini, this Travel CPAP makes travel and sleep seamless.
  • Click to see our full Health Sqyre Review of this product
  • Buy it here online

mini cpap

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP

  • With its comfortable micro-flexible tubing for those restless sleepers, and being half the size of the Dreamstation platform, the DreamStation Go is very popular among its 5 million CPAP users.
  • Click to see our full Health Sqyre Review of this product
  • Buy it here online

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