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Very quick, easy, and professional.


I was traveling around the LA area (I’m originally from NYC) when my CPAP mask began to malfunction. At first, I was panicking - because usually, I have to go to the doctor’s to get a prescription or talk to them first to get the right recommendation (or, at least that’s what I’ve been doing in the past). But fortunately, I stumbled across Health Sqyre. After reading a couple of blogs about which CPAP masks are the best and worst etc., I settled on the Comfortgel Blue nasal mask (I used to use the Simplus… and the Airtouch was a little out of my budget. The Comfortgel is MUCH more comfortable - I no longer get those annoying red dents on the bridge of my nose)… and after telling Health Sqyre that I needed it urgently, I received the mask the next day.

I got a really, really good night’s sleep that night. I didn’t have to deal with any doctor’s trips or documents or anything like that.

🙂 Highly recommend.

Victor L.-New York City, NY

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