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CPAP Policy Highlights for Spirit Airlines

Is advanced notification required to carry-on your CPAP?

  • No

What models of CPAP machines are allowed on this airline?

Can you use your CPAP on the plane?

  • No

Does bringing your CPAP machine count as a carry-on?

  • No, Spirit does not count any medically assistive devices against this limit

Is a doctor’s note or prescription verification required to fly?

  • No, Spirit does not require either

Detailed Spirit Airlines Policy

Personal-Assist Devices

Customers may take wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, or assist devices, in addition to one(1) carry-on item. Devices can be stowed in an overhead bin, underneath the seat or in the forward cargo bin. We can stow a device if it meets the size and weight restrictions for approved storage space on the aircraft. Assist devices such as ventilators, respirators and nebulizers may not be used onboard Spirit aircraft. Supplemental (medical) oxygen may not be transported on Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines does not provide supplemental (medical) oxygen onboard.

Spirit Airlines currently operates two (2) aircraft types – Airbus 321 and Airbus 319 aircraft.

Airbus A321& Airbus A319: These aircraft are equipped for onboard wheelchair stowage in accordance with the Department of Transportation, 14 CFR 328.41 regulation.

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