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Health Sqyre is a website that is committed to you, the patient, and strives to provide healthcare services and products that are simple and convenient to purchase. 


CPAP Prescription Package

Get a CPAP PRescription RENEWAL Quickly and Conveniently

Did your CPAP just break?  Are you out of town?  Are you between doctors?  Whatever the reason may be for your need for a renewed CPAP prescription the CPAP Prescription Package is your solution.  For $99.99 the CPAP Prescription Package provides you a way to get a renewed prescription for CPAP therapy quickly - the same day in some cases - from a U.S. board-certified, licensed physician.

  • Quick - Get a prescription in 2 days or fewer
  • Convenient - Get a prescription anywhere and anytime - Perfect if you don't have time for an office visit, are away from home, or in-between physicians
  • Secure - Discreet, hassle-free and secure consultation by a U.S. board-certified, licensed physician
  • Risk Free - If the physician does not write a prescription you will get a 100% refund

Get Your CPAP Prescription Today

Easy 2 Step Process

Step 2
Physician Reviews and Writes Prescription

  • U.S. board-certified, licensed physician will review your sleep apnea questionnaire and write a prescription, if medically necessary
  • We will notify you when we have the prescription and send it to you
  • We will assist you in identifying the best cash-based CPAP suppliers to purchase your CPAP therapy products

Step 1
Complete Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

  • After purchasing the CPAP Prescription Package, Health Sqyre will email you the sleep apnea questionnaire within 1 day
  • Complete, sign, and return questionnaire electronically from any device - desktop, tablet, or smartphone


Who this Package is for

The CPAP Prescription Package is for patients who have been properly diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and have been undergoing CPAP therapy.  If you have not yet been tested for sleep apnea check out our Home Sleep Apnea Test Package to get tested. 


We will email you a sleep apnea questionnaire within 1 day of your purchase and will get you a prescription, if medically necessary, in 2 days or fewer once we receive your completed questionnaire.


The CPAP Prescription Package is not billable to insurance. Prescriptions from the CPAP Prescription Package can only be used for cash-based, non-insurance orders.


The CPAP Prescription Package is not available to residents of Texas due to current telemedicine regulations within the state.