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Health Sqyre is a website that is committed to you, the patient, and strives to provide healthcare services and products that are simple and convenient to purchase. 


Insurance Claim Services

Don't know how or don't have time to file an insurance claim for the CPAP supplies you purchased? Submitting claims can be time consuming and a complete hassle.  Don't waste your time and save yourself headaches - let Health Sqyre submit your claim for you. 

WHY Use Insurance Claim Services?

  • Save Time - Time is valuable - don't waste it on trying to figure out how to submit a claim
  • Avoid Claim Rejections - Minimize the chance that your claim is rejected by getting it done right 
  • Coding Challenges - We know exactly what HCPS code your claim will require for the supplies you purchased
  • Optimize Your Reimbursement / Deductible Met - Submitting a claim is a science that we've mastered - for you
  • Quick & Easy - Give us the information we need and then sit back and relax

Save Time And Get YOUR Claim Submitted Today

Easy  3 Step Process

Step 1
Give US Your InfO

  • We will need various information and documentation from you that includes your insurance information, CPAP prescription, sleep study results, and maybe a few additional items depending on your policy

Step 2
We Submit Claim

  • We submit the claim to your insurance company for you
  • We will send you updates on your claim so you know exactly where it is in the process

Step 3
Claim Completed

  • Once the claim has been processed and completed you will receive the reimbursement you are entitled to or the costs will be attributed toward your deductible under your policy 
  • If claim is denied we will investigate as to why and will submit an appeal, if necessary

Additional Details


Once we receive your Insurance Claim Service order we will send you an email that will list out all of the information that we need from you in order to submit your claim.  If your policy requires additional documentation we will let you know what we need.  We will submit your claim within 24 hours of receiving all of the information that we need from you.  The time that it will take your claim to be processed varies by insurance company, however, the average processing time is approximately three weeks.

Reimbursement / Deductible Met

While we will do our best to optimize the reimbursement from your insurance company, we cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you or change the amount of the deductible you have met for your claim.  


We work with many health insurance carriers big and small.  We do not, however, work with Medicare or Medicaid, nor do we submit Medicare or Medicaid based-claims.